Friday, November 25, 2016

Weekly RunDown #12

I do not know John Morelock and up until a few days ago had not heard his name, that said he is well known in the trail and ultra running community.  John has recently been diagnosed with incurable cancer and will have the numerous medical bills to deal with and as a way to help out you can buy his book "Run Gently Out There".  You can find a link to the book and info on this here: Support John Morelock – Run Gently Out There or here is his book at Amazon: Run Gently Out There.  I have not read the book but it gets great reviews and I have mine on the way please buy yourself a copy.

In case you do not already go there here is This Week in Running: November 21, 2016 at iRunFar

Good article on Jim Walmsley in light of his record at the JFK 50 Miler: Jim Walmsley's Sudden Rise to the Top of Ultrarunning

And here is one on the race, as well as what you will have seen at iRunFar above: Walmsley Redefines What's Possible in JFK 50 Mile

Looks like he is starting out well:  Eat Like an Elite:Drew Hunter and 10 Others in HIs Immediate Family

Ok, by now most everyone has probably seen the video of the guy getting hit by a deer during a X-Country race, if not you can see it here or in the following article, so here is an interview with him: What It's Like to be Run Over by a Deer During a Race & and here is a video interview with the runner

Here are links to the NCAA X-country action this past weekend:  Mens 2016 NCAA D1 X-Country Championships Recap  & Women's 2016 NCAA D1 X-Country Championship Recap.  Here is the Runner World article on the Men's race & the Women's Race.

Interesting article on strengthening your feet that was shared by Mark Cucuzzella of the Natural Running Center. on FB the other day.   Not saying we all need to run in Vibram shoes, I do not, but more about how to deal with foot issues other than just relying on the standard ways of using orthotics or standard stability shoes.  If they work for you that is great, they do not for me. This is the reason I am working on making sure I walk more in my Xero Sandals and shoes as well as running in them when I can:  Study Demonstrates Vibram FiveFingers Will Strengthen the Feet 

Along the same lines, Xero shoes is having a sale that ends Dec 4th at 11:59 Eastern Time and the Umara Z-Trials are 50% off.

Check out the Natural Running Centers USAF Efficient Running Course  - There are 3 Modules and a number of short videos in each.  This is what Dr. Mark Cucuzzella teaches and uses himself.  Mark, at 50, just ran the JFK 50 miler in 8:31 running in sandals the whole way as well as for the first 43 miles running at a HR <100.

Thanks to Mario Fraioli and his The Morning Shakeout for pointing me to an online magazine I had not seen before.  While having a focus on New England running there is good stuff here for everyone :  Level Renner

Principles of Natural Running with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Jamil Coury talks about his getting ready for The Barkley Marathons about 5 months from when he did the video

And in case you missed it here is a short documentary on The Barkley.  You can also watch the full length documentary The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young online on Netflix or buy it.

The High Pass:  Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

5 Things We Can All Learn From Elite Runners with Budd Coates

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