Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekly RunDown #10

Michael Wardian gets the record for best average for all 6 major marathons in one year at 2:31:09 - Wardian Sets Quirky Endurance Record in New York & When Gluttony Dons Racing Shoes.  Here are his times in each race with the dates of each:
  • Tokyo 2:28:14  -  Feb 27, 2016
  • Boston 2:31:39  -  April 24, 2016
  • London 2:27:27 - April 18, 2016
  • Berlin 2:28:19 - Sept 25, 2016
  • Chicago 2:32:02 - Oct 26, 2016
  • NYC 2:33:18 - Nov 6, 2016

The week in ultra-running from iRunFar - week of Nov 1st - 1Nov 7th, 2016.  Also, 2016 IAU Trail World Championships Results

Steve Speirs 2016 Javelina Jundred Recap.  Gives you yet another look at this race and the heat everyone faced.

Jack Braughton, one of Britain’s oldest athletics Olympians, dies aged 95: "On Saturday July 31, 1948, Jack Braughton took the morning off work and caught the No.12 bus from Peckham Rye to Wembley Stadium. The fare was 2½d and he lost half a day’s pay. He was off to the Olympic Games – to run for Great Britain in heat one of the 5000m"

The Importance of Rest: Sleep Tips for Athletes by Jeff Browning

Dialing in Heart Rate by Zach Bitter - Goes along with the Endurance Planet Podcast from last week  - Dr. Phil Maffetone & Zach Bitter: Elite Runner Taking on MAF, Phil’s Assessment, Progressing and Customizing Everything (Even Diet!) For Best Results

Interesting article on sports drinks: You've been sold a myth about sports drinks - and it could be slowing you down.  Along the lines of dealing with hydration Dr. Tim Noakes book Waterlogged is an interesting read on the subject of hydration

Ian Sharman's look at the Top 10 Male Ultra Performances of All Time as of January 2016.  So as not to leave anyone out here is his list of the Top 10 Female Ultra Performances of All Time.

Ever heard of or wondered about "Dry Needling" here is some info on it:  Fed up Being Injured? Will Dry Needling Work For You?

Don't forget that if you want a low carb pizza you may want to try Real Good Pizza (yes it is a referral link) with only 4gms of Carbs in a 5" pizza.  If you want to try them I have a coupon code you can use: BGRUNNER10 .   If you have any trouble getting the 10% off let me know.

Speaking of Michael Wardian

If you missed the 2016 New York Marathon you can catch it here

Jamil Coury's (Ultra Runner and race director of the Javelina Jundred, as well as other races for Aravaipa Running) run at New York this year.  If you are wondering about the crop top you have to see some other Run Steep Get High videos, however it does bring back memories of my running days in the later 70's:)

The Javelina Jundred 2016

The Ginger Runner interviews Pete Kostelnick

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