Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekly RunDown #14

Jason Fitzgerald interviews Travis Macy: Finding Adventure with Ultra-Endurance Pro Travis Macy.  Also, some good links from the show on his page.

Jacob Puzey Runs a World Record for 50 Miles on a Treadmill @ 4:57:45 (5:56/mile pace), broke the old record by almost an hour  Jacob even ran a 2:38 marathon on the way to the 50 mile time.

The Fukuoka Marathon n Japan was this last weekend (12/4/2016) and you probably did not hear much about it.  Back in my day 70's and early 80's it was one of the go-to top marathons that many top marathoners from all over went to.  This years winning time was 2:08:48 by Yemane Tsegay and second was 2:08:57 by former world record holder Patrick Makau.  Here is a short video of the race.  It is in Japanese but you do not need to speak the language to tell the announcers are rooting for the third place Yuki Kawauchi who ended up running 2:09:11.

iRunFar.coms recap of the 2016 North Face 50 Miler

Some good tips for older, err... I mean more mature, runners:  Getting Better With Age's Week That Was for Nov 28th - Dec 4th, 2016 with stuff on Nike NXN, Fukuoka & an update on Ryan Hall.

Also, here is Runners World's article on Ryan Hall at the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships

33Shake article on Protein for Endurance Athletes

If you do not know much about fell running here is a good post from Strava: The Fells - Home, community and running in the Lake District.  I encourage you to read up on the Bob Graham Round as the 34 year old record of Billy Bland is pretty amazing and Ricky Lightfoot is looking to try and beat it in early 2017

Because diet is one of those uncontroversial topics, NOT, here is an article on the "D" word: The Importance of being a Furnace

News from The Running Event in Orlando Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2016: Whats New and Cool at The Running Event #TRE16 Part 1  &  Part 2

Joe Gray gives his Mountain Goats O' the Year Awards

Last 2+ minutes of Zack Miller finishing up this past weeks North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler where he set  a course record of 5:56:03

More from The North Face Endurance Challenge

How to be an Ultra Runner

The Crown Traverse

How about running this ridge, not me I got queasy just watching it

Interview with Kilian Jornet from 2014

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