Friday, May 12, 2017

Weekly RunDown #36

Juma Ikangaa
“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare. “
Juma Ikangaa

Last weeks Weekly RunDown #35

Good article from Mark Sisson on using fat as fuel: How Using Fat for Fuel Can Boost Athletic Performance

May 6th was the anniversary of Roger Banisters breaking of the 4:00 mile in 1954 - here is an article on it:  An Oral History of the First Sub-4:00 Mile

Good article from Zack Bitter on his nutrition: Periodizing Nutrition: Part 1 - Rest and Low Intensity

Trail and Ultra Running has a Spring Shoe Review's report on Nike's Breaking2 event 

Ian Corless gives a preview of this weekends Transvulcania Ultra Marathon on the island of La Palma.'s This Week in Running: May 8, 2017.  Here is also their preview of the men's Transvulcania race and the women's race.  Check out the video below from the 2016 race and great course, especially the descent near the end.

Some good stuff over at Mario Fraioli's The Morning Shakeout - you may want to sign up for his newsletter

Nice interview with local runner, well local for me in KY, Lori Masterson on the Diz Run Podcast

Good to see Michele Yates back out there after injury after winning the Austin Rattler Run 66k a day after getting 12th in the MTB race on the same course the day before.  She is also signed up to run the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler in September.

A couple good podcasts from Trail Runner Nation: Altra-Runners Meghan, Zach and Nicole & Metabolic Flexibility with Christopher Kelly.

One of my favorite marathoners - the working man's Yuki Kawauchi - ran 2:10:13, after a fall, at the 2017 Prague Marathon

Toni Reavis writes on the IAAF proposal to remove track & field records pre-2005: Where to Now?

Tapering - here is a look at how some good runners taper: Jim, Kaci, Gary, Tim and the Art of the 100-Mile Taper

I recently wrote a post for Carson Footwear on shoes - Shoevelution: Shoes over the Years

Races this Weekend 
Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) - May 13, 2017
Diamond League - Shangahai, China - May 13, 2017
Transvulcania Ultra Marathon, La Palma - May 13, 2017
The North Face Endurance Challenge, New York - May 13, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
The Payton Jordon Invitational - Palo Alto , CA May 5th, 2017
Diamond League - Doha, Qatar - May 5th, 2017
Strolling Jim (41.2/26.2 & 6.2) - Wartrace, TN - May 6th, 2017
Miwok 100K - Stinson Beach, CA - May 6th, 2017

UROC 2017 Preview Video

I have shown this before but since Transvulcania is this week it deserves another look.  Check out the final descent.

Been waiting for this one to come out as it has been available in Europe but just got on YouTube

The latest Mountain Outhouse

What happens when you do not stay with the rabbit and let him get away - just watch

In case you missed it here is Nike's Sub 2 Project from the 1:36:00 point onward

Eliud Kipchoge has some speed as here he is at 18 beating Hicham El Guerrouj & Bekele in the 2003 Paris World Championship 5000m in 12:52.79

Nice short on Garry Robbins


  1. Crazy switchbacks at Transvulcania!

  2. Yea, I posted a video on FB as I think they do the VK up the switch backs. Video was on the Salomon running page