Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly RunDown #1 (Sept 9th, 2016)

I am starting a weekly post called - Weekly RunDown - to link to posts, articles, websites and videos related to running.  I will try and post things that I hope will benefit ones running in some manner, even if it is simply to inspire, as with the UTMB video below:

This is a good article that asks the question: Athletes: Fit but Unhealthy?  All too often we equate the two as the same but is it so?

Phil Maffetone article for the week, Phil writes on aging in his post: Don’t Get Old!

Speaking of getting older, do you want info on Masters Track and Field, you can find it here: .  Also, here is a link to the Runner's World Master page.  If you have any other links let me know.

While not a new article this is a good one on fat burning from Sunny Blende - Fat Burning: How to Guide.   We often so focus on carbs that we miss out on our greatest resource for energy, fat.

Some highlights of UTMB.  While I am pretty certain I will not be able to run this one it is still a race I think would be on everyone’s bucket list, if you have one.

Not the best resolution but you have to have a subscription to USATF.TV to get the better video of the 2016 NB 5th Ave Mile from September 3rd:

Men’s Race

Women’s Race

More to come next week.

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