Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekly RunDown #4 (Sept. 30, 2026)

Ben Greenfield's article relating Warren Pole’s 3 Practical Tips To Keep A Long Road Trip From Making You Fat, Sick And Unhealthy.  Warren & Erica Pole are founders of 33Shake.

2 great podcasts from Endurance Planet on the FASTER Study and Optomised Fat Metabolism:  

Great website for Ultra-News: UltraRunner -  lots of great information; Commentary, Gear, Podcasts and more.  Also, I suggest you sign up for the newsletter and get some great links 5 days a week.  Just go down the right side of the page and enter your email where is asks you to Subscribe to URP.

DC Rainmaker is a great place to find out info on GPS watches and other devises.

Interesting from Strava; If you want to try out a pair of New Balance shoes, Just run a negative split Marathon between Oct 9th and Dec 4th and follow the rules at the link: The Strava Back Half Challenge.  I guess they are hoping not too many would sandbag the first half of a marathon just for free shoes:)  Here is an article by Mario Fraioli that was written for this promo:  Negative Split, Positive Results

Video of Jeff Browning's attempt to break 43h and 33m for a combined time running both the Western States 100 and Hardrock 100 with only 19 days ret between them.

Moments at Elevation – Leadville 100Miler

Moments at Elevation from Isaiah Jay on Vimeo.

Kenenisa Bekele wins the Berlin Marathon and narrowly misses the world record of 2:02:57 with his run of 2:03:03

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