Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly RunDown #11

Good videos from CHI Running on 3 Mistakes That Keep You From Being a Better Runner.  The third video is not up yet but you can see it here: 3rd Video .  If you are interested in CHI Running, and in the Elizabethtown KY area, Will Rivera of Running Soles is having a Level 1 Class this weekend (Nov 19th, 2016) and there are some spots open so just check with store or contact them via the Running Soles Facebook page.

Some thoughts on when to exercise - It Matters What Time you Exercise: Muscles Have Circadian Rhythm.

Want to see how your times compare based on age then check out the Runners World Age Graded Calculator.  It shows that my current 5K is better than my longer distance times on an age graded basis.

iRunFar's week in running with a focus on the IAU 50K World Championships in Doha, Qatar where the US won the Mens Individual and Team  championship and the the US women won the Team Championship.  There is also a preview of the JFK 50 miler that is this weekend - 11/19/16.  There will be a lot of good runners there but will be interesting to see how fast Jim Walmsley will go.

In case you have never visited here is there The Week That Was (WTW) for the past week:  WTW: NCAA Regional Surprises, A New (Elvis) Marathon WR, Josh McDougal Joins The Army, and Usain Bolt Calls for Lifetime Bans for Dopers as the Russians Call for Jail Time

November is National Running Safety month.   Visit your local running store for needed safety gear.  If you are near Elizabethtown KY visit Will Rivera at Running Soles for a great selection of gear.

An article on the difference between "aerobic" and "endurance" training - RUNNERS: “AEROBIC TRAINING” IS NOT THE SAME AS “ENDURANCE TRAINING.” 

Need a tough challenge maybe you need to try one of Asia's 5 Toughest Ultramarathons.

Maybe you want to run a 100 or 50 miler in the United Kingdom, then go check out Centurion Running.

Cadence and running is one of those areas that can be hard to get a handle on.  Here are a number of articles on the subject:

Can You Run a Marathon in Under 3 Hours at Age 50 on Bacon and Eggs and in Sandals?   You sure can as Mark Cucuzzella of the Natural Running Center ran 2:55:26 at the Marine Corps Marathon this past October 30th.

Just as a note, as I posted it yesterday, I have posted some info on my first week of doing the Maffetone Two Week Test (TWT).  This is the second time I have done this and this time is more of a kick start to the up coming training after a few weeks off for a pinched nerve in my back: Two Week Test - LCHF Reset - Week 1

Trailer for Billy Yangs new film on Timothy Olson's run at the 2016 Hardrock 100

Are you into descending - The video is in Spanish but I think you get the idea:)  Read the text below the video on the YouTube site to see more about this race.

Short video on Jim Walmsley

Cool footage of trail running

Super Starches with Sunny Blende | Altra Run Talks Episode 7

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