Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly RunDown #19

Garry Robbins has been accepted into the 2017 Barkley Marathons along with Michael Wardian.   Will be interesting to see how they do as Gary made it 4 laps and got started on lap 5but due to a navigation problem had to drop out last year and Michael is on his first try.

Hoka One One is putting together quite the team even getting a number of people that Nike did not re-sign, such as Tim Tollefson, Chris Vargo, Alicia Vargo, David Roche and Megan Roche.  In looking at the list of athletes interesting to see Michael Wardian listed as "Hybird":)

Last week in Weekly RunDown #18 I had a link to a story on Galen Rupp asking if he was looking to break the American Half Marathon record in Houston this weekend (1/15/2017) but now word comes that Rupp has dropped out due to Plantar Fasciitis.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella of the Natural Running Center's newsletter #51

So where is Kenenisa Bekele running, Dubai January 20th, London April 23rd or as mentioned in the Dubai article the IAAF Worlds in London August 6th?  Toni Reavis has him at Dubai and London which would make the worlds a tough go.  I guess we will see first if he does Dubai in a couple weeks. Toni also does some Geeking on Kenenisa's Numbers

This week in running from  Good to see Stephanie Violett, was Howe, back to her winning ways as she won the Bandera 100k overall and a Golden Ticket to Western States.  Here is a Trail Running Magazine on how she came back from injury to win: How Stephanie Howe Violet Bounced Back from Injury to Win a 100k Championship Outright.

How cool to run your first sub 4 Minute Mile on Oxford's Iffley Road Track where Roger Banister was the first to break 4 Minutes and also be only the second person to run under 4 Minutes there at the time.  Well Craig Masback did it.

Good article on Performance Mobility: Part 1 Introduction and Hip Mobility

UltraRunnerPodcast - Mike Wardian and His Latest Challenge

Top runners for the 2017 UTMB have been announced

How many of these 20 Iconic American Races That Aren't Marathons have you done?  I have only done 1, the Carlsbad 5000.

 A Fine Line - Running on Ben Nevis
A Fine Line from Nevis Landscape Partnership on Vimeo.

Retezat SkyRace Intersport 2016 in Romania
Retezat SkyRace Intersport 2016 from Sport La Orice Varsta on Vimeo.

2016 Eiger Ultra Trail

Man on  Mission
Man On A Mission from Motive Television on Vimeo.

Mountain Outhouse News

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