Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly RunDown #20

Well if you stayed up to watch the Dubai marathon, getting by the fact that FloTrack up and bought the rights to the feed in the US and Canada - a story on its own, you saw a race that went out fast and was won by the only one to hang on.  That guy was not Kenenisa Bekele who it appears fell at the start and was off the pace between 10 and 15K and was out by 25K.  That said Tamirat Tola ran a course record of 2:04:11 to win by over 2 minutes after splitting 61:36 at the halfway point.  Here is the 2017 Dubai Men's Recap.  Here is more on Bekele falling at the start.    Here is a recap of the women's race where the winner also got $200K as did the men's winner.

So you want to run an Ultra; Here is The A-Z of Ultra Running - If you are wise about "M" you can avoid "D" but I have never been able to avoid "T"

Anyone ready to be the next young gun for Salomon on the trails.   Also talked about here

Have you run any of these 25 Fun Half Marathons's This Week in Running:January 16, 2017

Regardless of who has the better field London 2017 and Boston 2017 should be good races - well lets hope they are races and not time trials.

If you are looking for the latest for 2017 in trail shoes iRunFar has a long list of them from the 2017 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show - Trail Shoes.

Here are some other items from the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show that Trail Runner Magazine highlighted - I think I could have found a few more interesting things than this but it is something if you like to see what's new in gear.

Here are a couple lists of running movies, what would you add? - From & from

7 takeaways from the just completed Houston Marathon - I particularly like #5

I've mentioned this before but Ryan Hall, Mike Wardian and 31 other runners will attempting to run 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents.  Starting this Monday the 23rd in Antartica and ending the 29th in Sydney.

Some tips for running in the dark 

A look at going through Hong Kong with Jamil, Sage and Tim prior to the Hong Kong 100K

And here are highlights from the Vibram Hong Kong 100K and here are the results of the race.  If you like stairs this is the race for you.

How about running here

Or how about going 600 miles from Missoula to Banff on the Crown Traverse

From Dave McGillvray, some important thoughts:  "Fit equals Healthy,  Wrong, Wrong"

The highest ultramarathon in the world is the Ladakh Marathon, actually 72K, begins at 13, 042 ft and peaks at 17,618ft.

If you want to do a long race how about the Spartathlon Ultra Race at 246KM, here is a video of the 2016 Spartathlon race.

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