Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly RunDown #21

The World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents) is still under way and Michael Wardian has so far won the first 4 stages and is averaging well under 3 hours and well under the WMC record of averaging 3:32:25.  Mike is in first after 4 marathons and averaging 2:45:16 and Ryan Hall is in 5th and averaging 3:22:35.  Results after 4 races.  -  Update - Mike wins Marathon #5 in Marrakech, Morocco running 2:45:33 and Ryan Hall got 4th in 3:04:56.

Here is an article from the Washington Post on Michael Wardian and his running the World Marathon Challenge: I Like to Do Stuff that Scares Me

You can check out the sprint finish to the Houston 1/2 Marathon here

If you are not sure what race/races to do in the up coming year, here are 19 Trail races of various distances

Hmm, interesting article on Kenenisa Bekele's fall at Dubai: Fall Guy

The Tarawera Ultra 102K coming up Saturday February 11th in New Zealand looks to have a great men's a women's filed with Jim Walmsley,  Jonas Buud, Magdalena Boulet, Camille Herron and others.  Hard to believe that Mike Wardian is entered as he is in the World Marathon Challenge and this would give him just two weeks rest, but with Mike nothing should be surprising.  Here is a race preview of Tarawera.

Latest The Week That Was for Jan 16-22, 2017 over at

Sort of wish I had run Western States back when I was much younger and there were no lotteries.  I remember a very close friend TJ Key running the race and thinking he was crazy but looking back I was probably more ready to run such a race as I ever was or would be: Western States Lottery - I'm Not Bitter

Looking for some races in the spring:  The Best Spring Races You've Never Heard Of

Some useful Ultra Marathon Tips

This has to be one of the best races ever, the 1972 Olympic 800m Final

Mountain Outhouse for January 25th

100 miles not enough how about the 250K Big Red multi-day race in Australia.

And here is the more well known 2016 250K Marathon Des Sables (MDS)

Video from 2013 on the Leadville 100

If you missed the 2017 Dubai marathon here are a couple of the videos that show Kenenisa Bekele's fall:

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