Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly RunDown #27

“In every race there is a crucial moment when the body wants to quit. Then it needs imagination and mental tenacity to survive the crisis. Otherwise the penalty is defeat.”

Sort of funny, on a good week I will get maybe 200-230 hits in a week on a post but write about shoes and I get 500+ in a day.  I guess we all have a Tenuous Relationship With Our Running Shoes

So what do you think; could someone run sub 2 Hours for the marathon on a treadmill - Ryan Hall thinks so.  I tend to agree but it will take someone who trains on one as I find treadmills often harder to run on but I run on them very seldom.

Speaking of a Sub-2 hour marathon Nike's Sub-2 Hour Marathon project led to a 1/2 marathon trial with 2 out of the three Sub-2 Prospects running under an hour.

Nike also unveils a new shoe, actually 3 shoes one for each of the guys looking to break 2 hours.  This all said the IAAF is now going to look into shoes that may add too much spring.  Nike says their shoes meet the rules but the IAAF wants to make sure I guess.  With all the pushing of boundaries with PEDs I guess why not check this area as well.

Here is's This Week in Running: March 6, 2017

She has some leg speed: 65 Year Old Woman runs sub 6:00 Mile

Want to try a 6 day self-supported race in the US - how about the Grand to Grand Ultra in Utah and Arizona:  6 Stages, 7 days & 170 miles.  The race is September 24-30, 2017.  See video below from the 2016 trailer #2

Speaking of multi-day races here is Ian Corless' take on an Equipment Guide w/Hints and Tips for such races.

Nice article on 5 runners you may not have heard of:  Five Under-Appreciated, Legendary Runners for Millennials

With GI distress being the #1 cause of DNF's in Ultras it is good to know the impact of an Ultra on the gut

Nice interview with Ultra runner Rob Krar: Living the Dream over at Runner's Tribe

Check out Billy Yang's new movie Life In A Day.  Here is a review of the movie by iRunFar

Ah, to be 16-20 again - Salomon Running Academy - video from 2016 academy

So how is Gary Robbins training for The Barkley Marathons

Here is a trailer from the Grand to Grand 2016 promo for the race

And if that is not enough how about 246K (153 Miles) all at once in the Spartathlon

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