Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly RunDown #28

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
Jim Ryun
Ed Whitlock (1931-2017)

Sad to hear of the passing of 86 year old Ed Whitlock (1931-2017) of prostate cancer; Running Legend Ed Whitlock, from Runner's World & from Canada

Nice interview with a couple people who chose to do the Land Between the Lakes Trail Marathon for their first marathon: LBL First Time Marathoners.  By the way it was a cold and muddy run this year but that makes it all the more memorable, way to go Jessica and Chance.  Hey this is BlueGrass Runner so I am going to being giving props to those in the area whenever I can:)

Speaking of locals, last week I posted a video of the 2016 Spartathlon Trailer and just found out that local running store owner Will Rivera, well local if you are in the E-Town area of KY, is in the race for this year.  If you do not know much about the race watch the video and check out the Spartathlon website.  Also, Will is looking to run the Hurt 100 in 2018/2019 and you can see a video on that race below.

Good podcast at Primal Endurance regarding a number of things but specifically Modified Maximum Aerobic Function heart rate (MMAF).  The usual MAF is 180-age where the MMAF can add as much as 20 to the MAF number:  #90-Peter Defty Talks Optimized Fat Metabolism

iRunFar.coms This Week in Running; March 13, 2017 The Week That Was in Running

Dr. Phil Maffetone's new article, Research Paradox, deals with the big picture as it relates to high intensity training (HIT).  It is not, necessarily, a matter of not doing HIT but realizing the risks vs. rewards and weighting them carefully.

Often when we work to have an Optimized Fat Metabolism and being fat adapted for long runs we get "Carb Phobia" but there is still a place for "Strategic" Carbohydrates.

Here is my first ever race report on my run at Land Between the Lakes 50 Miler (LBL50) this past weekend (3/11/17)

After running my first 50 Miler this past week at the LBL50 this is so true:  Training and the Art of Self Belief.  I can say I had some doubts going into the race but deep down knew I could somehow gut it out if need be.

Good article on running shoes: Why Modern Running Shoes are Terrible.  You may not agree that new shoes are bad but I ave seen so many things in shoes over the years and have to wonder how many of my foot problems stem from trying to fix what does not need to be fixed and instead just need to let my feet be feet.  If you have shoes that work for you great if not maybe this info can give you some ideas about what to look for.

Good to see that Desiree Linden is not just going to sit back and hope for a good time but is going for the win at Boston

Here is a feature I am adding this week:  Races this weekend (March 18-19, 2017)

And if you thought Ed Whitlock was just a marathoner how about this 7:18 World Record for an 85 year-old in the mile last summer

Steve Ovett's 1980 World Record in the 1500M.  Here are some more of his races: Steve Ovett's Top 5 Races

The latest Mountain Outhouse - always fun.

The Hurt 100, makes my ankles hurt and swell just watching this race
HURT 100 FILM (official trailer) from Pursuit Films on Vimeo.

Ultra Trail World Tour 2016 Awards - It is in French W/Subtitles but some great video interspersed throughout

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