Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly RunDown #23

"You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back."
Steve Prefontaine

There was a lot of running going on this past Saturday (Feb 4th, 2017): Six Takeaways From Some Fantastic Action Across The Globe on Super Saturday

And in the Ultra world we turn to and This Week in Running: February 6, 2017

The Tarawera 100K (actually 102K) is this weekend and it should be a good one, check out iRunFar's preview.'s The Week That Was in Running

How many of these have you run: 2017 Marathon Calendar

Ryan Kaiser earned a Golden Ticket to Western States 100 and ran 80% of his training on a treadmill:  From Treadmill to the Western States 100.  Results for the Sean O'Brien 50M/50K/26.2

Lori Masterson, of and recent winner of the Bear Bait 50k, writes a review of the 2017 Louisville Lovin' the Hills races - Lovin' the Hills Results

Mud and snow - now there is X-Country: U.S. Cross Country Championship 2017

Have you entered a lottery for a race and not gotten in well here are the 4 Stages of Lottery Grief

Some quick times at the 2017 Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler in  Huntsville, TX this past weekend.

I just found out that I was chosen to be a Carson Footwear Ambassador this year.  I was very
impressed that while I was investigating the shoes the owner, Everett Carson, contacted me to answer some questions, not many shoe company owners have ever contacted me in 44+ years of running.  Carson's are a minimal shoe that, based on its design, has, at least to me, more cushioning than you would expect.  I will not be doing any ultras in them for now but will be using them to strengthen my feet and work to build up to being able to run longer in them.  I will be having a review of them in the next month after I get a few more miles on them but so far they are a great shoe.  I am running in the Black Ops version.

At the Nitro Athletics meet in Melbourne they added a new event called the 1 Mile Elimination.  If you know much about bike racing on the Velodrome, I have also done the race on a road circuit, there is a race called the "Miss and Out" or also called "Devil Takes the Hindmost."  The idea is the last person across after a particular lap is eliminated until a set number of laps or people are left.  For the Mile they eliminated 1 each for the first three laps till three were left for the final sprint.  Makes for an entirely different race, see below, there seemed to be a glitch in the video but it will go back to working, or forward it a little:

Salomon's new running series "How to Run"  -  Part 1 - What is Trail Running

Part 2 - What to Wear  -  More to come

This weeks Mountain Outhouse

Limone Skyrunning Extreme World Series Final 2013 -  I may have posted this before but it is great one to watch again:

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