Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekly Rundown #25

“When it’s pouring rain and you’re bowling along through the wet, there’s satisfaction in knowing you’re out there and the others aren’t.” 
Peter Snell's This Week in Running: Feb 20th with info on the Black Canyon 100K, Fourmidable 50K and more

What to do when you have a race coming up.  Here is a look at the Art of (Realistic) Tapering's The Week That Was in Running - Feb 13-19. 2017

Lori Masterson writes on Lessons in Patience

If you have watched many world class 800M races you have seen Bram Som.  He is the guy pacing the race and often right on target.  This is a good interview with a guy that moved from a pretty quick racer to a sought after pacer: From Racer to Pacer.

If you have never heard of Eamonn Coghlan then read this article as from the Mid 70's to later 80's he was known as "The Chairman of the Boards" for his success indoors.  He set the world record for the mile indoors in 1983 @ 3:49.78 and it is still second of all time to Hicham El Guerrouj's 3:48.45 (See Video Below) - How I Broke the Indoor Mile Record - I also posted a short section of a documentary on Eamonn below.

The Tokyo Marathon is this weekend (Feb 26, 2017) and should be a good one as the course records for men and women are expected to fall.   You may be able to watch it here at 9:05PM (this is the time listed but as the race starts at 9:10AM in Tokyo and that is 7PM EST the previous day I am not sure it is correct) on the 25th. (Update: Just found that NBC Sports Online will be streaming this at 7:00PM EST but not sure if you need an account with an internet/tv provider or not.  Still might want to try here as well at the same time)

Good podcast with Peter Defty &Naomi Land talking to Travis Macy on The OFM Transformation

Want to see some of Alan Webb's best races thanks to Runner's Tribe for posting 5 of them: Alan Webb's Top 5 Races.  Also, check out the Runner's Tribe's site and sing up for their daily newsletter with all things running.

Some good Spring Ultras to keep an eye on

I have not gone to a running camp since I was in college back in 78 but it was fun and a great time.  Here are 7 reasons, I am sure there more, Why a Running Camp is What you Need.  While on that subject here are 5 Trail Running Retreats for Runner.

Some cool places in this short video on the Ultra Trail World Tour

A self supported 230km Ultra Marathon in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru

This weeks Mountain Outhouse

Not the best video but here is the video of Eamonn Coghlan's World Indoor Mile

Short video documentary on Eamonn Coghlan

What a race as Billy Mills wins the 10K in the 64' Olympics in Tokyo.  Here is a color video of the race but it could not be embedded.

Want to run around Lake Tahoe, well here is one way to do it.  Thanks to for linking to this video.  You might want to sing up for their daily emails as they are full of great info.

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