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Weekly RunDown #55

Gerry Lindgren (86) & Kenny Moore (?35)
“Courage is not a quality you teach. Courage is the by-product of self-discipline. It is an attitude.”
Gerry Lindgren

Thanks to all that visited last weeks Weekly Rundown as it was the most visited one I have had yet.  Also, thanks to all those that went to the Podcast Post and I will be adding to it as I get more links and listen to more podcasts so check back.  Really surprised at how many visited my newest post this week on rest and injuries, I guess it is a hot topic, as it is the most visited post and that is in less than 24 hours.  I am appreciative of everyone that visits, and hopefully, reads and benefits from the posts.

Now to what you came here for:)

The Spartathlon race is next week (Sept 29-30) and Will Rivera from Elizabethtown in my state of KY, and owner of the Running Soles store, is entered.  See race promo video below -  Go Will!

Don't forget the Berlin Marathon is this weekend and with Kipchoge, Bekele and Kipsang scheduled to run it could be a great race.   FloTrack will be live streaming it but you will have to have a subscription to see it.  Looks like FloTrack only for outside the US as in the US you can watch it on T.V. on the NBC Sports Network for free or stream it if you have a subscription to NBC Sports God.  However, if you are industrious there there are usually other ways to see it, hint, hint:)

Mario Fraioli writes on the Berlin Marathon:  Off to the Races (Finally)

Toni Reavis also writes on Berlin's Dream Race

Article on Eliud Kipchoge Marathon Maestro

Galen Rupp will not have an easy run at October 8ths Chicago Marathon with the addition of:  Stanley Biwott (KEN) - 2:03:51 (London, 2016), Feyisa Lilesa (ETH) - 2:04:52 (Chicago, 2012), Ezekiel Chebii (KEN) - 2:06:07 (Amsterdam, 2016) & Bernard Kipyego (KEN)- 2:06:19 (Amsterdam, 2015)

John Kelly gives his tips for the Barkley Fall Classic but admits he has never run it. Then again he did finish the Barkley Marathons in 2017

Interview with Tony Staynings two-time British Olympian in 1976 and 1980 in the 3,000 meter steeplechase - Picture of Tony and interview were courtesy of Gary Cohen

Toni Reavis looks at technology and how it might affect running's This Week on Running: September 18, 2017's The Week That Was in Running: Sept 11-17, 2017

The 2017 USATF 24 Hour National Championships were this past weekend

If you use HR to train do you use a chest strap or wrist sensor on the watch.  I tried a wrist sensor but found it to be off at times and this study may have proven this out.  For me part of the issue is I have really skinny wrists so that may have exacerbated the issues I had with one.

At this years Barkley Marathons when Gary apparently just missed the 60 hour cut-off and then it was found he went slightly off course the topic of rules came up and here is an article by Gary Cantrell - "Lazarus Lake" - on the subject.

Some good info on warning signs of achilles issues.  I am dealing with achilles issues and have had the issue of kicking my inside ankle as mentioned in the post.  A pop-up may come up to do the 30 Day Challenge but you can just go by that.  I have used some of the sites stretches and have benefited from them.

Mike Wardian wins the Fenway Park Marathon by running 116.5 laps in 2:53

Dr. Phil Maffetone writes on his 1:59 marathon prediction: My 1:59 Gaffe

How many of these are you guilty of, I know I have done all of them at some time

Some Technical Tips for running trails

If I every get to go to a running camp this is the one for me: Running Camp with Bronco Billy & Speedgoat

Here is a link to a friend of mines site on nutrition: The Nutrition Equation

Some good advice: Stop Sabotaging Your Running

Masters Running News
Is a longer training cycle advantageous as you get older
Check out the Museum of Masters Track & Field

Races this Coming Week
The North Face Endurance Challenge, Park City, UT - September 23, 2017
Ultra Madeira, Madeira Islands - September 23, 2017
Ultra Pirineu, Bagà, Spain - September 23-24, 2017
Berlin Marathon, Berlin, Germany - September 24, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin, Dousman, WI - Spetember 16, 2017
Coastal 50K, Stinson Beach, CA - September 16, 2017
NorthCoast 24HR (USATF Championships), Cleveland, OH - September 16-17, 2017
Mogollon Monster 100, Mogollon Rim, AZ - Septemebr 16-17, 2017
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Philladelphia, PA - September 17, 2017
Glen Coe Skyline, Kinlochleven, UK - September 17, 2017

1970 - 2 Mile Race W/Kerry Lindgren, Frank Shorter and Eventual Winner Kerry O'Brien

Promo for the Berlin Marathon

The Spartathlon 2017 Race Promo

Ultra Madeira 2017 Promo

Ultra Pirineu 2016

I like this guy and he some great mobility stuff.  Might be for cross-fitters but runners can benefit from the info.  As far as Voodoo Bands I have found them to be helpful.  Check out more videos here: SmashweRx

Billy Yang's new film The Gathering on the 2017 Hardrock 100

Movie on Sebastian Coe - Born to Run

Seb Coe was not only fast but look so fluid doing it

Clip on the Fenway Park Marathon

Video on Joe McConaughy's training for his AT record and how running an ultra on back to back weekends helped

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