Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekly RunDown #63

Frank Shorter
"In other words we have marketed our way into this health crisis."
Frank Shorter

Good info from SFuels Spike Free bars on Ultra Recovery.  If you have not tired them you can click the link int he side bar at the top and get a free sample pack, including shipping, if you are in the US.

Nice interview done by a local runner, Chad Cloutier, here in KY of another local runner, Mary Rose Stewart, about how she started running

Where does your state fit on this list of the Thinnest and Fattest states

Anton (Tony) Krupicka writes on his current injury and having an achilles issue myself I feel for him

Camille Herron on her 100 Mile World Record , 7:38/Mile pace, at Tunnel Hill.  More on Camille in a Runner's World article.

If you are in Louisville, KY this Saturday check out the NCAA X-Country National Championships.  Here is the men's individual preview and the women's individual preview's This Week in Running: November 13, 2017

Laura Muir wins the Scottish X-Country Championships after working a night shift at end of 70 hour work week

Check out Ian Corless' blog for posts on the 6 Stage Everest Trail Race

Dewi Griffiths is a 2:09:49 marathoner and sheep farmer

Need a pace calculator you can find a number of them here, this is the one I have used a fair amount: Cool Running

Kaci Lickteig, the Pixie Ninja, blogs on her injury as she begins an extended rest due to it

Nice interview with Rachel Bell Kelly on

One More Hour: Guillaume Calmettes’ 245.832 Miles at Big Dog Backyard Ultra

Boston The Documentary, see trailer below, will be released digitally Dec 5 and On Demand Dec 19

Good post from Jae Gruenke of The Balanced Runner on form analysis.

Phil Maffetone on The High-Performance Heart

Some thoughts on why riding can feel harder than running at the same heart rate 

Cat Bradley, winner of the 2017 Western States 100, sets the women's FTK at the Grand Canyon for the RTRTR

Some thoughts on fat from 33Shake

10 Years later, a look at back at Ryan Shay who passed away at the US Olympic Trials Marathon in New York City

Tina Muir talks to Phil Maffetone on: What is Your Fatigue Early in Races Really Showing You?

Masters Running News
Some tips for Masters runners

Races this Coming Week
JFK 50 Miler,  Boosboro, Maryland  - November 18, 2017
The North Face Endurance Challenge 50, San Fransisco, CA - November 18, 2017
NCAA X-Country National Championships, Louisville, KY - November 18, 2017
Catalina Eco Marathon, Catalina Island, CA - November 18, 2017
Salomon SkyRun 100k,  Lady Grey, SA - November 18, 2017
The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville, TN - November 19, 2017
Verona Marathon, Verona, IT - November 19, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Colossal Vail 50/50, Vail, AZ - November 11, 2017
Chino Hills 50K & 30K, Chino Hills State Park, CA - November, 11, 2017
Run Amok 50K & 50 Miler, Harrison Bay State Park, TN - November 11, 2017
Georgia Sky to Summit 50K, Sky Valley, GA - November 11, 2017
Nashville Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, Nashville, TN - November 11, 2017
Tunnel Hill 100/50 Milers, Vienna, Il - November 11-12, 2017

1976 Olympic Marathon

A reminder of Zack Miller's finish at last years North Face Endurance Challenge in San Fransico

More from last years North Face

Kenenisa Bekele's Last World X-Country Championship 2008

Stage 6 of the Everest Trail Race - See videos of the other stages here

Geoffrey Kamworor's, winner of the 2017 NYC Marathon, first win at the World Junior XC Championships in 2011

Soon to be released publicly

Born to Run: The Kenyan Secret (Documentary)

1999 World Championship 1500

2016 SkyRun 100K, Lady Grey SA