Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Interview Tuesday: Meet Kentucky and New Masters Runner – Gordon Turner

My plan, so as to spread out these interviews, is that I am going to post them on what I will call now call Interview Tuesday's

I have had a great time connecting with runners I have known, but not well, and with runners I have met only shortly at a race.  Gordon Turner is one of those runners that till this year I basically only met each year at the Rotary 5K Trail Race at Pulaski Park near Somerset.  Gordon, as you will read not only runs but puts on races.  Enjoy the interview and find out more about Gordon.  Make sure to share these interviews so that more people get to know about the great runners we have here in the Bluegrass State.

Tell us a little about yourself not necessarily related to running: age, where born, education, area you live in, etc…..

My name is Gordon Turner, I’m 39 years old, I was born in Somerset, KY.  I grew up and graduated High School from Wayne County in 1996. I attended Somerset Community College and Liberty University.  I have been married for 14 years and and have 3 children ranging from 13 years old – 9 years old.

What is your profession? 

I have worked with United Parcel Service for 18 years and I also work for GT Races as a timer and manage online registration database for races. Timing races has really become fun for me! I want to Thank Shawn Daugherty for that opportunity. At first it was tough knowing I want to be out there running those races, but as time went by I‘ve really enjoyed watching everyone cross the finish line and seeing the accomplishment on their faces.

How did you start running and what prompted you to do so?

I started running about 15 years ago when I met my beautiful wife Arden. Honestly the funny part was I knew this was the way to get to spend time with her and that’s where it all began.

How long have you been running? 

I’ve been running about 15 years, but really started running semi-competitively in 2012 in 5K’s and picked up a few half marathons then decided to tackle my first marathon.  Since then I’ve completed 3 Marathon and planning two more over the next two months. This is my first year as a master runner and I’m looking forward to see what 2018 holds.

Did you participate in any other sports over the years? 

I wasn’t much of a athlete in High School but did play some sports leisurely Baseball, & Softball.

Did you run in grade school, High School or College? If so where? 

I didn’t run in High School or College, I just picked it up later in Life.

So we get an idea of where you have been with running can you share your PR’s for: 5K, 10K marathon and any other distance you may have run in the past. 

  • 5K – 21:51
  • 10K – 45:39
  • Half – 1:39:52
  • Marathon – 3:41:17

What is your most memorable race or races and share a little about at least one of them?

My first marathon was my most memorable race for me.  It was the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Through my training I just kept thinking, there is no way I can do this, NO WAY.  However I just kept faith in my training plan and I had a great training partner in David Smith to help me get ready.  Race Day came and I was a nervous wreck, I kept doubting myself.  The race began and I finally settled in and was able to finish with a time of 3:41:41. None of this would have been possible without a supportive wife and family, my training partner and some awesome Hydration products from SWORD.   A huge Thank You goes out to Co-Founders Scott Black & Shawn Stasko.  Thank You for your hard work and for your awesome Product developed here in Kentucky.

What is your favorite distance to run and race?

My favorite distance is the Marathon,  There is just something about the marathon for me that brings a challenge. I think mostly it gives me motivation to get out and train and put in the training! 

Do you have any long-range plans?

My long range plans are to continue to run Half & Full Marathons, I like to run a couple a year.  My Dream is to have a BQ time down the road, I need to keep building my base mileage and hope the stars align to make this dream a reality.

What do you like best about living and running in KY?

Running in Kentucky definitely brings a good mix of hills and some flat ground  together.  Living around Lake Cumberland and The Daniel Boone National Forest is Awesome. You can mix in many runs along the road to incorporate views of Lake Cumberland and at the Trails at Pulaski County Park.  However, I would say 95% of my runs are on the road.

The best part is I can travel 30 minutes South and run some beautiful trails at Yamacraw.  That is one race you don’t want to miss out on if your reading this article.  Yamacraw has a 50K – 20K & 10K and always takes place in early April. (My note: Yamacraw is sold out for this year, they have a Wait List,  but is for sure one you want to add to your list)

Lake Cumberland and all around the state of Kentucky has some awesome places to run. I would highly encourage you to visit your local running store, buy a pair of running shoes and hit the road or the trails and enjoy what the terrain of Kentucky has to offer.

What do you struggle with most with regards to running?

My struggles have always been making sure I have the right balance to stay healthy and avoid the normal running injuries, my job at UPS is physically demanding on my body and I work some long hours.  I always try to get up  anywhere from 4 – 6 am and get my training in.  So for me I’ve really tried to follow the 80/20 Running from Matt Fitzgerald, “Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower.”  So far this approach seems to help my body in recovery and allows me to get back out the next day and hit the road again.

What do you see as a trend in running?

From a timing perspective, it seems we have really seen a boom in new runners at the present. The excitement is there and the sport of running is growing!  We see more races popping up making it easier for runners/walkers to participate in. 

If you had one, well maybe two or three, things to say those that are running to encourage them what would it be?

  1. Visit a local Running Store and get fitted correctly for the right shoes.
  2. Build your Base Mileage slowly and Be Consistent in your Training.
  3. Make sure you learn how to fuel properly and find what works for you, I’ve had great Success with SWORD.  If you have questions about SWORD feel free to reach out, I would love to tell you more about this awesome product.
  4. Never doubt yourself – if you have your goals set on your first 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon or even an Ultra. DON’T GIVE UP – DREAM BIG!

Do you have a website or other social media site you would like to share?

Any closing comments?

In closing I would just like to encourage everyone to enjoy the sport of running, don’t make it complicated. Enjoy the process, it takes time but most of all if you put in the training you will see the fruits of you training. 

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda” John Maxwell

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