Monday, May 21, 2018

The Next Balanced Runner Online Camp is Starting May 26

Sign-up for the next Balanced Runner Online Camp is now open and the camp starts Saturday.  I did a review of this camp a while ago and you can read about it here.  This is in many ways a different way to look at running and in my mind a more natural way than most as it looks at how your body wants to naturally move and then works to get you to move as such but naturally and nto by forcing some motion.  As in my my review this way of looking at things may be difficult if you are like me, someone who just wants to be told how to move or do an action.  The good part with the class is if you do not quite get it the first time you can retake the class over and over for free - as I am taking it again this time so things may set in better.  Also there is a money back guarantee in that after 90 days of purchase you decide this is not for you there is a full refund - hard to beat that to try it out.

"GUARANTEE: I realize you have probably already spent a lot of money trying to solve your running problems, so I won’t ask you to risk losing any more. If you complete The Balanced Runner Online Camp and are not happy with how your running feels, contact me within 90 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund. (If only your doctor offered that, right?)"

Let me also add that the link above is an affiliate link but as i hope you get from my review, I would suggest this class, as I have done before, even if there was not one

Update 5/24/18:  This is from Jae who puts on the class - Due to problems with PayPal and the email chaos created by GDPR, I am extending the registration deadline for the camp by a week. The new deadline will be Thursday 31 May at 11:59 pm Pacific.

While the class will still start on the 26th if you register later you can jump right in and there is a catch up week in the schedule.  Also, looks like you can also register with other than Paypal now if you like.

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