Friday, May 4, 2018

Weekly RunDown #86

"Probably the Barkley marathon. It sounds sort of off the wall. I don’t know if I’d go to complete it, maybe just take part in it. No woman has actually completed it."
Nicky Spinks 

Not sure how many of you know who Nicky Spinks is but you do if you know much about Fell Running.  Nicky Spinks made fell running history in 2016 being the fastest to run a Double Bob Graham Round.  Below, in the video section, is a film on Nicky Spinks and some info on the movie and Nicky here.  If you have not heard of Nicky you can read more on her here: My Double Bob Graham Round & How to Run Farther than You Thought Possible.  As per the quote above it would be great if Nicky would run the Barkley, how about it Lazarus, or Gary for those not in the loop. profile on Nicky Spinks's The Week That Was In Running: April 23 - 29, 2018

Trail Runner Nation talks to Nicky Spinks about fell running

Tips for women on the trail with Nicky Spinks

Check out this week's Interview Tuesday with Trevor Tucker

Jospeh Fuller writes on the Parable (Matt 25:14-30) of the Talents from an Athletes Perspective

Another Kenyan, Absbel Kiprop, looks to have been caught using a banned substance - he is denying it, here is Kiprop's response,  so we will have to see how this plays out.  Citius Mag looks at Kiprop's response.

Sad part is when big named people like Kiprop get caught, or even appear to have done wrong, it sways the opinion on others.  Is this fair - no  - but often the way it is.

A behind the scenes look at Desi Linden's win at Boston

And more Boston news - a look at Amby Burfoot's running of Boston 50 years later

Magda Boulet talks about her win at this years Marathon Des Sables

A look at 13 ultra running myths

Top tips for the traveling mountain runner

18 year old Kipruto runs a 27:08 10k

When talking about a LCHF diet as opposed to a carb-centric on often people will speak about the problems with relying on fat during high intensity training.  While this will not settle the issue there has been a study that has shown this change did not hinder performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) as compared to a control group.

Top 50 songs with "running" or "run" in the title

US runners announced for the 15th WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Championships being held in June 24th in Poland

Sometimes you just have to keep trying: After 11 DNFs Taryn Graham finished a 100 miler

Bruce Tulloh, known as "the barefoot runner," passed away April 28th

July 7th in Elizabethtown, KY Running Soles will be hosting the Freeman Lake Summer Trail Challenge.  You can run a 10K or 5k and if really inspired run both

If you live in the South-Central Kentucky area and you are a JV or Varsity distance runner you should look at attending the 3 day KY Elite Distance Running Camp being help July 12-14 in Somerset KY.  This camp is put on by KY 2000 AA State Cross-Country Champion Daniel Roberts who I interviewed at the end of February.  The price for the camp is $50 but it increases after April 15, 2018 at 11:59pm EDT.   You can also get information at the KY Elite Running Facebook page

If you are going to be in the Nancy Kentucky area July 21st, 2018 you might consider doing the Mud Mayhem & Fun Lake Cumberland 5K Obstacle Challenge.  The race proceeds go to help the local Phoenix Racing

Masters Running News becomes

Races this Coming Week
Miwok 100k, Stinson Beach, CA - May 5, 2018
Strolling Jim 40 Miler, Wartrace, TN - May 5, 2018
North Face Endurance Challenge New York, Bear Mtn St Pk, NY - May 5, 2018
Wild Wild West  50M, 50K & Marathon, Lone Pine, CA - May 5, 2018
Whisky Row Marathon, Prescott, AZ - May 5, 2018
Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH - May 6, 2018

Past Weekend Race Results
Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, Yagizaki Park, Japan -  April 27, 2018
Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, Louisville, KY - April 28, 2018
Canyons 100K, 50K & 25K Runs, Forest Hill, CA - April 28, 2018
C&O Canal 100, Camp Manidoken, MD - April 28, 2018
Sinister Night Trail Runs, Queen Creek, AZ - April 28, 2018
North Face Endurance Challenge - DC, Washington D.C., - April 28, 2018
Madeira Island Ultra-Trail, Madeira Island , Portugal  -  April 28, 2018
Backside Trail Marathon and 1/2,  Louisville, KY - April 29, 2018

The film Run Forever about Nicky Spinks and her Double Bob Graham

Nicky Spinks talks about Making the most of life

Here is some downhill fell running

Another look at the Bob Graham Round - just one loop this time

More Bob Graham info

A look at the Hurt 100

The new for this year Tarawera 100 Mile Race

Zack Bitter on the Joe Rogan show - it is Joe Rogan so there are F-Bombs

The Latest Mountain Outhouse

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