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Training Overview #39 – Making the Best of a Not So Good Situation - Week of March 9 thru 15, 2020

Training Thoughts: 
With the postponement of Boston this week as well as the cancellation of a century I was going to ride this weekend I was a little bummed.  But truth is there is good that will come out of this as is often the case – and is what we need to look for when things do not go as we planned.  This can only happen when we step back from the situation and look at things from farther away and with the big picture in mind.  This does entail having a “Big Picture” and I have talked a little about this in the past as it relates to training but will probably write more on it as the “Big Picture” is important for having a healthy view of more than just our training but of life as well.

So where is the silver lining with the postponement of Boston to September 14th? As I have shared before I have been dealing with Posterior Tibial Tendonitis (PTT) and while I have gotten it to a place where I could handle it Boston was still going to be a challenge.  My plans had been to get in a couple long runs of 15+ to test the foot and be ready for Boston then after Boston pretty much shut down running as I get ready for some gravel racing.  Since Boston is now postponed till September 14th I can basically start the rest of my foot now and hopefully clear it up before a run at Boston.  I have not quite figured out if I will shut it down all the way or just greatly limit how far and how often I run for 4-8 weeks to see how it does.  I might have a week or two of no running but have found in the past that no running is not the answer for me – limiting it and controlling it is.

The other positive is that for the roughly 6 weeks I would have had till Boston I do not have to figure out how to combine running and riding so as to get ready for Boston and a few gravel races, including the 200 miles at Dirty Kanza.  Instead I can focus on riding, while running as seems best, and be best prepared for riding and then towards the end of my gravel racing period then transition back to get ready for Boston.  This all does depend on being able to run Boston in September, which right now seems I should be able to do and have set up my hotel and flights with a look towards being there in September.

Yet another positive is that with Boston being mid September it will work to help me be ready for some pacing duties in an ultra.  I am scheduled to pace my friend Ty Martin, presently from 60 – 80 miles, as he attempts to do his first 100 miler at the No Business 100 in October.  So by minimizing my running now I will have a better opportunity to be healthy foot wise for these pacing duties.

Now, I just need to re-look at my training for the upcoming gravel races and adjust as necessary.  My training for riding is largely to get in shape to do the 200 miles at the Dirty Kanza and to also try and get in some gravel rides once I get back home – whenever that may be as even my return home is a little uncertain with all the craziness going on.

Bottom line here is that when things look bleak it is good to step back and make sure you take in all the picture.  Sure, the present may indeed not be optimal but I have found that more often than not long term things can look better.  This is one area that a coach or close friend or friends can also help as often they can see things we cannot as we are too close to the situation.  So ask your coach or seek friends that truly know you and ask them to help you see the good that can come from the situation thrown at you.  Take this and work to refocus and move forward.  That is key “move forward” as even injuries that present a setback when accepted and dealt with as a reality can be used to truly move forward it often just takes work to figure it – but I have found you can find that silver lining in pretty much every situation you may not see as what you would like.

Overview of Weeks Runs and Rides:
This was a strange week as I sort of knew my plans would be up in the air with all the Coronavirus cancellations and the rainy weather here in usually sunny So. Cal.  Thus, I knew that what I would get done this week was uncertain but often when I travel for work that is how it is.  While things did not go as planned when I step back and just see the bigger picture I still got in training and rest.

Running this week was not too bad as ran fairly easy and even got in a longer 8+ mile run that showed my foot could l handle it even though there was some soreness.  I have noticed that while I have soreness during runs there has been much less lingering soreness after the runs.  With the postponement of Boston earlier in the week it sort of made Sundays 5 miler more of an OCD run – I call it that as I just wanted a nice roundish 20 miles for the week – as I did not need it but have to say it did make for a good 32 hours.  In that time I rode the aborted 100 miler that ended up being 42 miles due to bike issues.  Then Sunday morning I ran a good paced 5.2 miles in the morning that felt very comfortable followed by a 60 mile bike ride in the afternoon after church.

Riding was not as planned as due to weather did not get in any mid-week rides then due to bike issues only got in 42 miles of my planned 100 miler on Saturday.  That said I still got in 100 miles for the weekend by riding 60+ on Sunday.  The Sunday ride was a little harder than planned as the ride out was into a headwind and thought well at least I get a tailwind home and indeed did get one for 15 miles then the wind switched around and finished the last 15 miles with another headwind leading to a total of about 45 miles of headwind.

- Monday: Run – 6.51 Miles
- Tuesday: Rest – Raining so no Ride
- Wednesday: Run – 8.47 Miles
- Thursday: Rest – Raining so no Ride
- Friday: Rest
- Saturday:  Ride – 41.38 Miles
- Sunday:  AM Run – 5.21 Miles
- Sunday: Afternoon Ride – 60.4 Miles

- Running Miles – 20.2  Miles.
- Riding Miles – 101.7 Miles.
- Total Miles – 121.9  Miles
- Total Time – 8:43  Hours

Weekly Diet Notes:
Not much to report other than my fueling for my rides on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday was a tougher ride as went after church so had not eaten since 9AM and ride started around 1:35PM and rode harder than planned due to headwind.  So for sure felt hungry when done but did hold off on extra carbs during ride as wanted a fat adaption ride and think I got one.

Saturday’s Ride – Cut Short
- Coffee with Coconut Oil and Butter, Collagen, Heavy Cream, Chocolate Primal Fuel (1/2 Scoop) & 1 Scoop SFuels-Life
- 1 Cup of Oatmeal w/Butter and 1 TSP Honey
- 1 Altred (Beetroot Extract)

- Also use the AMPHuman PR Lotion
- Total:  819 Cals & 44.5gr Carbs

Ride Fueling;

- I took 1 24oz bottle with 2 scoops of SFuels Train and 1 24oz bottle of SFuels Race
- As ride cut short only drank ¼ of SFuels Train Bottle
- Totals: 15 Calories -   Carbs- 0.5 g

Sunday’s Afternoon Ride
Ran a 5 mile fasted run then ate (9AM) the following but did not eat again till after the afternoon ride that ended at around 5PM

- Small cheese omelet and Sausage Patty
- Small bowl of Cantaloupe and Watermelon
- Cup of Coffee with Cream, 2 scoops Collagen & 1 Scoop SFuels Life
- Total:  484 Cals & 11.5gr Carbs

Ride Fueling;

- ¾’s of 24oz bottle with 2 scoops of SFuels Train and ½ of 24oz bottle of SFuels Race
- 1 FBomb Nutbutter
- Also use the AMPHuman PR Lotion
- Totals:  355 Calories -   Carbs- 14 g

The Week Ahead:
As related above my running will be minimized for the next 4-8 weeks to see if I can get a handle on this PTT issue.  I will limit my running to probably np more than 15 miles and keep my longest run at around 5 miles.  If I have the opportunity to ride more in a particular week I will minimize the running so as to get the most out of the rides.  With regards to riding I am going to try again to do 100 miles this coming Saturday as weather looks like it may allow for it.  As far as during the week the weather is looking sketchy for the week so will see how it goes.

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