Friday, October 20, 2017

Weekly RunDown #59

"Without patience, you will never conquer endurance."
Yiannis Kouros

I want to thank everyone who viewed/read my last Weekly Rundown, #58, as it was the most viewed Weekly RunDown yet at 2900+ views.  Not a lot compared to many blogs but awesome for mine, thanks again.'s This Week in Running: October 16, 2017's The Week that Was in Running: October 9-15, 2017

I talk about MAF quite a bit and I have written on it here and here is a new article from Dr. Maffetone in MAF - What is MAF?

Not only did Francois D'Haene win UTMB less than 2 months ago he just broke, could truly say shattered, the John Muir Trail Supported FTK running it in 2 Days-19 Hours and 26 Minutes - Old record was 3 Days-7 hours and 36 minutes.  Here is the release from Salomon on the run.

So you think a couple miles is too much to warmup for a race - Dave Proctor ran 170K for his warmup

Courtney Dauwalter not only won the Moab 240 outright she won by more than 10 hours

Toni Reavis writes on Chicago and all that surrounds it

Are you running the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend, here are some tips from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella.  Some may be to late to implement but are great for any marathon.

Wilson Kipsang who dropped out at 30K in Berlin is now entered in the upcoming New York Marathon

With RICE being out BE CALM is an alternative with regards to rehab

You might have thought you did not need an APP to do an Ultra but maybe you might want one of these

John Kelly the winner, and only finisher, at the 2017 Barkley Marathons was 61st male (66th OA) at this years Ironman in Kona and had a marathon split of 3:00:42.  This not to speak on what is harder - I have my thoughts on that - as in many places I posted on this that is the direction the post went.  The post was intended to show the versatility of John in being able to not only do both but to finish and do well.  Check out the Ginger Runner interview with him at the bottom of the page or go here.

5 guys go under 2:06 at the Amsterdam Marathon with 14 under 2:10 (15th was at 2:10:01)

Meghan Laws' (Arbogast) race report on the Lake Fuxian Highland 100K in China

The answer from experience, even if studies are not conclusive, is that standing desks work great.  However, you need to not just stand but vary your position and routine including moving around.  To just stand as the article states will compound issues like PF but also sitting while a recovery time is not the best posture for recovery.  I think they are a great investment but are to be used as with anything as a tool.

New Post Feature in Strava

Speaking os Strava if you use Chrome and like data you might try the StravistiX Plugin

How often is something just taken as fact if you use the word "science" in the advertising.  But is science really what drives most sports nutrition sold to the public or is it about using the word "science" as a marketing tool.  Much like the marketing campaign selling Chocolate Milk as a sports drink even if it does contain around 24g of sugar per cup uses the terms "backed by science" because it sells.  This article shows how "science" can be manipulated as the study mentioned to support chocolate milk had it compared to other sugar laden drinks so it did not prove it is the best but that it was maybe the best among sugar packed drinks.

Jim Walmsley and Seth Swanson are entered in this weeks Grand Raid Reunion , running the Diagonale des Fouse (translates to the Diagonal of the Mad), which starts this Thursday night in France.  This is the races FB page

On a sad note not sure how many of you knew of Stephen Lee of The Heartland Podcast but he passed away early Wednesday morning unexpectedly.   Due to circumstances there is a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses

Masters Running News
Harriette Thompson who in 2015 became the oldest woman to finish a marathon passed away Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina at the age of 94.

The October 22nd Scotiabank Torono Waterfront Marathon will honor the late Ed Whitlock

Races this Coming Week
Grand Raid Reunion, France - October 19-22, 2017
Pony Express 50 and 100, Faust, UT - October 20-21, 2017
Big Backyard Ultra - Last Man Standing, Bell Buckle, TN   October 21, 2017
Kansas City Marathon,  Kansas City, MO - October 21, 2017
Firewater 50K, 100K & 100M, Greenback, TN - October 21-22, 2017
Marine Corps Marathon,  Arlington, VA  - October 22, 2017
Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Toronto, Canada - OCtober 22, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Bourbon Chase Relay, Clermont, KY (Starts at the Jim Beam Distillery) - October 13-14, 2017
Limone Extreme SkyRace, Limone, Italy - October 14, 2017
Cave Creek Thriller, Cave Creek , AZ - October 14, 2017
Canyon de Chelly 55K, Chinle, AZ - October 14, 2017
Heartland 100, Cassoday, KS - October 14, 2017
Ironman World Championships, Kona, HI - October 14, 2017
No Business 100, Blue Heron, KY - October 14-15, 2017 (Also results here)
Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, Columbus, OH - October 15, 2017
Lake Tahoe Marathon, Homewood, CA - October 15, 2017

Latest Video I did for SFuel bars

In the Footsteps of Pheidippides - with footage of the first Spartathlon in 83' and the vicotry by Kouros

The Grand Raid Reunion trailer

Flagstaff Sky Race 2017

2017 Amsterdam Marathon - 5 Men under 2:06 - 8 men under 2:08 and 14 under 2:10 - What a finish after 26 miles

Interesting short documentary on Kenyans trying to make it in Europe

2017 St. George Marathon

One record that no one as come close to in almost 15 years

Best Run News Show of October 16, 2017

Ginger Runner interview with John Kelly after his Kona Finish

Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekly RunDown #58

"I don’t train. I just run my 3-15 miles a day." 
 Jack Foster

Just posted an article on Recovery that goes along with the one I did on Rest

If you have not tried SFuel Low-Carb Bars yet you can get in on some free samples by going here

Nice article on Jack Foster who ran a 2:11 marathon at age 41 and here is one from Runner's World

Runner's Tribe article on the Chicago Marathon won by Galen Rupp and Tirunesh Dibaba

Has it been that long, Rupp is first American born winner of Chicago in 35 years

While Dibaba won Hasay in 3rd ran the second fastest time ever for an American women and fastest on US soil

Good to see Jordan go for it because we all know if she failed we would have heard how unwise she was to go with the lead.  Simply good to see someone race a race.

Sports Illustrated interview with Paula Radclife where she talks about a number of subjects including women's marathoning and world records

Interview with Danny Dryer of Chi Running

MoonTrekker 43K Night Trail Run, Hong Kong - October 13, 2017

Interview with Mark Allen on Heart Rate Training and Racing's This Week in Running: October 9, 2017's The Week That Was in Running: Oct 2-8, 2017

Karnazes, Sharman, Bitter, Coury, Lawrence and Backhausen share their #1 tips for increasing stamina

Running camps at altitude are not only physiologically helpful but also psychologically helpful as well

Bones do more than hold your skin and allow you to be upright: Need to know factors for bone health

How many of these have you run?  I have done Carlsbad and it is a great race but would like to do Catalina one day.

After much controversy the Portland Marathon took place this past weekend, quite the story.

It is not all about calories-in vs. calories-out but what calories you eat is just as important.

If you are going to be in Ranson, WV this Healthy Running Clinic should be good with both Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Phil Maffetone there.

Joe Gray writes on Running Clean in a Sometimes Dirty Sport

Nice post my Michele Yates: Heart Affect

Good list of trail shoes and their associated drop - List is missing the more minimalist Carsons at Zero drop with hight being 15mm (10mm sole W/5mm Sock Liner)

Looking forward to see how the No Business 100 this weekend goes as I have run the Yamacraw 50K so a 100 miles on that terrain should be a challenge- beautiful but a challenge.  Speaking of the Yamacraw 50K if you are interested in running as of the time of this post there were only 63 spots left for the 50K

Masters Running News
The first winners of the 1977 Chicago Marathon are still running 40 years later

As Competitor Magazine put it: "And the 42-year-old will poetically run his final 42 kilometers where it all began—back in New York where he ran his first marathon in 2002."

Some thoughts on what it means to be a masters athlete

Races this Coming Week
Bourbon Chase Relay, Clermont, KY (Starts at the Jim Beam Distillery) - October 13-14, 2017
Cave Creek Thriller, Cave Creek , AZ - October 14, 2017
Canyon de Chelly 55K, Chinle, AZ - October 14, 2017
Heartland 100, Cassoday, KS - October 14, 2017
Ironman World Championships, Kona, HI - October 14, 2017 (Would not normally put this here but since Barkley Marathons finisher John Kelly is in the race thought it appropriate)
No Business 100, Blue Heron, KY - October 14-15, 2017
Columbus Marathon, Columbus, OH - October 15, 2017
Lake Tahoe Marathon, Homewood, CA - October 15, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
100 Miles Sud de France,   France - October 6-7, 2017
Flagstaff Sky Race, Flagstaff, AZ - October 6-7, 2017
E'town Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon, Elizabethtown, KY - October 7. 2017
St. George Marathon, St. George UT - October 7, 2017
Cuyamaca 100K, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA - October 7, 2017
Cloudsplitter 100,  Norton, VA - October 7-8, 2017
Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL - October 8, 2017

My friend Leighton Phillips from SFuels is running the 2017 MoonTrekker 43K Night Trail Run this weekend, here is a video for the 2016 race

Video from Outside Magazine on Canyon de Chelly race director

2017 Chicago Marathon

Episode 1 of 3 that looks at the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite training group in Flagstaf

2017 Spartathlon Trailer

BeastCoast Episode 4 | Forged in Mountains

This is Why I Run - Rory Bosio - Meet Trail Runner Rory Bosio

Ultra-Trail World Tour Episode 5

Part 3 of series on Plantar Fasciitis~Stability Exersises - Part 1 & Part 2

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Recovery: Rest is Just Part of the Story

I recently wrote on the need for rest as I have been dealing with a few nagging issues that finally

forced me to just stop and desist – take a rest.  The conclusion was that we all need to rest before we are broke but I had not heeded my own thoughts so now I am on the way back after two weeks of no running.  The point I want to focus on, and the reason for the article title, is that it is not enough just to rest but coming back from an injury also takes as much patience, maybe even more, than the rest itself.  Thus the recovery that follows a rest period needs to be as purposeful as the rest was.

I initially thought I was getting Plantar Fasciitis but after two weeks off and coming back for a short run it is pretty clear I have Achilles Tendonitis as the soreness is at the base of my heel.  I am also struggling with a sciatic issue, seems to be Piriformis Syndrome, that can give intermittent and sporadic shooting pains that are, well, a “PAIN.”  The sciatic issue is just something I have had for some time and not directly related to running but does at times affect it and I need to work at dealing with it via a number of methods.

This first day back I figured I would take an easy run/walk with the dog to see how things felt and while the run went OK afterwards my heel was a little sore, but not as it was before.  The message was clear; that I needed to take it easy and not rush back.  When I was younger and had an injury, and I had quite a few, I could come back pretty quick and jump right back into things.  However, with age comes the need for caution and patience two things I have never been really good at but need to lean now as I get older or things will not move forward as they should.

While I truly believe we can do way more with our bodies than most people realize as we age we do have limits and those limits increase, or at the least become more evident, as we get older.  With the recovery phase of rest and returning to running the wise approach is to come back slow and carefully.  Also, the recovery phase is a great time to evaluate how you got to where you are.  With me it is a realization that the lack of mobility and strength I have had for much of my running career, but was able to overcome with youth, can no longer be overlooked.  The truth is that as we age we all lose mobility and strength and while some loose it more slowly in the end we all loose it.  The good news is while it is clear we all loose mobility, flexibility and strength we can do something about it but it takes time and in taking time it takes a purposefulness.

Part of this purposefulness is setting time aside for the extra work it will take to be injury free.  If you are like me, with only so much time in a day and week, you will need to trade running time for all the other important things.  Now you can do as I have had a habit of and put it off telling myself I need the miles, or time on my feet, but being honest with myself if I factor in my injury time I would have just as many miles, probably more, due to the extra non-running work having the result of being injury free if I traded some miles for extra side work.

For me this means my recovery phase is going to be slower than I have had in the past.  First, because achilles issues take a lot of care to come back from and second because I do not have a race I am aiming for till March, Land Between the Lakes 50 Miler, so I have no need to push things.  Thus, my MAF).  If for some reason things do not feel right I can trade a run for a ride on the bike trainer if need be.  I still have a possible 30K I will only do in mid November as a training run if all the pain is gone since not worth the possibility of making things worse but it is more than likely I will pass on it.
plan is to only run every other day to start and on the off days do some strength and mobility work.  On the running days I will start at 2 -5 miles of running, and walking if necessary, with a focus on running easy within my usual aerobic heart rate number (

The other thing I have started, and will write on when I am done, is taking part in The Balanced Runner Online Camp.  In my look at a number of running programs such as Chi Running and the modules at the Natural Running Center I came across The Balanced Runner.  What drew me to The Balanced Runner, a program that uses the Feldenkrais Method applied to running, is that rather than focusing on form and how to run focuses on make more natural connections between ones body and mind so you can feel more than do.  For me this will be tough as I am a “just tell me what to do” kind of person and Feldenkrais looks more to one sensing how one moves.  In the end I think that this will all connect and many of the principles of Natural running and Chi Runner will show themselves.  The difference is that starting with the method can end up causing its own issues but starting with ones movement and sensing changes can get one to a more ‘natural” running form with little chance of injury.  More to come on this later but it looks to me to be integral to coming back stronger and more resilient than before.

I share all of this as I am sure there are others like me that when we are finally forced to rest we then want to come back as fast as possible fearful that we will lose our fitness.  Yes, with multiple weeks off you will lose something but I think you will find that you lose less than you think and if you come back too fast and have to rest more you will lose even more fitness than if you had come back slowly.  So, I will still be keeping my miles lower than I would have done in the past with a focus on easing back into things.  I also have some trips to the Chiropractor in store to have some adjustments done and also to undergo some Active Release Technique (ART) treatments, which I have found to be very beneficial.  With the first race I am aiming for being in early March I do not need to start upping my miles till mid November to early December so still have time to rest and even then I will make sure that I keep up the extra strength and mobility work. 

If you take anything away from this let it be:  “Rest is only Part of Recovery

Friday, October 6, 2017

Weekly RunDown #57

George Young
(Courtesy Gay Cohen)
The races took care of themselves - I got to where I looked forward to them because the pain didn't last as long. 
George Young

Interview with George Young Bronze medalist in the 3000m steeplechase at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico city.  Here is another article on him.

Aleksandr Sorokin of Lithuania won the Spartathlon in Greece in 22:04.  That means that Yiannis Kouros is still the only person to run the 153 miles in under 22 hours and he did it 4 times(1983, 1984, 1986 & 1990) with a best of 20:25 in 1984.  In 1983 he ran 20:29 and was so fast he was accused of cheating so came back and ran faster.  Here is an article from the 1985 January/February UltraRunning Magazine that asks "How Good is Yiannis Kouros."  By the way our very own Will Rivera, owner of Running Soles in Elizabethtown KY finished in 70th place in 31:19:49

Thoughts on 2-A-Days - should you or shouldn't you

Race report on the Bear 100 from an 8 time finisher

Wonder how many other Barkley finishers would do Kona in the same year, how about every - John Kelly is and here is his look at his training for it

Are you overtraining?

With age comes a greater need to focus on how we run as often, if you are like me, areas of the body become weak or out of balance which affect form which can increase injuries.  Here is a good place to go look at with regards to form from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and the Natural Running Center - The Efficient Running Training Modules

You do not have to do a hundred miler in a race, how about a Do-it-Yourself 100

Good article from Mark Sisson - How often we loose sight of the goal when we focus on the path. Make sure to read the whole article before assuming where Mark goes with this.

Added a few podcasts to the Podcast Post - they have a note next to them with an "Added Date"

Good info from Dr. Phil Maffetone on ones need for protein

Along the nutrition lines here is a podcast I was led to with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella:  Nutrition for Runners

Also on nutrition - How about Rice and Potatoes for running ultras when you are a Low Carb person.  Keep in mind that, at least for me, training and racing often take a different fueling strategy - of course the race strategy has been tried during a training run but they are usually different.

What can you learn from Kipchoge's Berlin race - here are 3 things

Some thoughts on running to consider as you get ready for 2018's This Week in Running October 2, 2017's The Week That Was in Running: Sept 25 - Oct 1, 2017

A look at this years Chicago Marathon's look at the men's race at the Chicago Marathon

Preview of the Women's race at Chicago

A quick look at how just getting your Boston Qualifier is not enough

If you want to run a beautiful race try the Yamacraw 50K in Sterns KY.  May not be any spots left but check it out and if it is sold out add it to your list for 2019.  Here is a podcast from Southeastern Trail Runner on the 2017 race.

Masters Running News
Joan Benoit Samuelson was looking to be the first woman at least 60 years old to break 3:00 in the marathon at this weeks Chicago Marathon but had to withdraw due to injury

Races this Coming Week
100 Miles Sud de France,   France - October 6-7, 2017
Flagstaff Sky Race, Flagstaff, AZ - October 6-7, 2017
St. George Marathon, St. George UT - October 7, 2017
Cuyamaca 100K, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA - October 7, 2017
Cloudsplitter 100,  Norton, VA - October 7-8, 2017
Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL - October 8, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Spartathlon, Athens, Greece - September 29-30, 2017
The Bear 100, Logan, UT - September 29-30, 2017
Cumberland Trail 50K, Cove Lake State Park, TN  - September 30, 2017
Moonbow 50K, Cumberland Falls State Park, KY - September 30, 2017
USATF Half-Marathon Trail Championships, Hayward, WI - September 30, 2017

1968 Olympic 3000M Steeplechase with George Young in 3rd

2107 Spartathlon Photo Video No1

2017 100 Miles Sud de France teaser

2016 Flagstaff Skyrace

Meet Zack Bitter

50 Marathons - 50 Peaks - 50 Days - Movie Trailer

Best Run News Show

2018 Zion Ultras

Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run: 206 mile footrace - August 10-14, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekly RunDown #56

Ian Thompson
"I prefer to remain in blissful ignorance of the opposition. 
That way I'm not frightened by anyone's reputation."
Ian Thompson

Thanks again to all those that read my last post on Rest and Injuries as it was by far my most read post and that in only three days.

The Spartathlon race starts today in Greece and runs from Athens to Sparta for a distance of  246.8KM (152.4 Miles).  Running this year will be Will Rivera (Race number is 295) who is the owner of Running Soles in Elizabethtown, KY.   There will be Live Streaming and Live Data but if you want to follow Will you can do so here.  I know I posted it last week but you can see a promo video for the race below.

While no world record came at Berlin and two of the big names, Bekele and Kipsang, dropped out it was still a great race.  Eliud Kipchoge (2:03:32) confirmed his greatness and Guye Adula (2:03:46) had a record debut marathon.  I think weather, rain and humidity, as well as the dropping out of two of the main protagonist played into no world record but it was still well worth staying up late to watch.  The women's race was also close for the win with Gladys Cherono (2:20:23) in first and Ruti Aga (2:20:41) in second.

Check out Kipchoge's training log leading up to Berlin - just steady training, of course at paces most woudl like as PRs but easy to moderate for him.  But, then again he did a "TEMPO" run for 40k in 2:13 (Aug 31)!!!

Steve Magness looks at Kipchoge's training - his conclusion: "If I could guess what Kipchoge’s ‘secret’ was based on his training, it’s pretty simple: good consistent work for a long time."

Toni Reavis looks at Berlin and to focus on what was, a great duel, and not what wasn't, a world record

Guye Adula, 2nd in Berlin, did not know he was running Berlin till 4 days before

Would be nice if Kipchoge went back to Berlin and see what he can do there with better weather and maybe a few more staying at the front for longer.

If you thought Kipchoge was just a marathon guy well he beat Bekele and El Guerrouj at the 2003 World Championships 5000m in 12:52.79 with a last lap of 53.4 - Check out video here or in article

I had not seen this name in some time - Don Ritchie - That is till I came across this post on him.  If you have not heard of him take a moment to read this post.

On my list to listen to: How to Avoid Stomach Distress

Good to see Ryan Vail back running with his 8th at Berlin's This Week in Running: September 25, 2017's The Week That Was: September 18 - 24, 207

What about potatoes and rice for Ultra Endurance fuels

Some thoughts on the Off-Season

I wrote on aging about a month or so ago, Is Age Just a Number?, and over at the 33Shake blog they write on Rejecting Middle Age and how to put aside stereotypes and prolong your progress

If you are aiming for the 2019 Western States 100 here is the list of qualifying races

8 Habits that can better your running, the title of #4 may be off but the the idea that how we eat does affect how we run

Need an excuse for your next race - here are 13 to choose from - I am sure there are more - what ones can you think of?

Good advice from Danny Dreyer on having healthy feet - unfortunately many shoe do not allow one to follow these tips

Boston just needs to change the qualifying times.  To qualify for 2018 you had to be at least 3:23 faster than the standard

History of the Chicago Marathon which is October 8th, 2017

John Kelly, 2017 Barkley Marathons finisher, talks about Publicity, Sponsorship and the Social Media Quagmire

A heads, up the Yamacraw 50K/20K & 10K Trail Run registration opens at 7AM October 1st - will probably fill up fast.  Do not think it will fill up as fast as the Barkley Fall Classic 50K which i hear filled up in less than a minute, but you can still get on the waiting list:)

Masters Running News
Meb at 42 gets ready for his final race - 2017 New York Marathon

Races this Coming Week
Spartathlon, Athens, Greece - September 29-30, 2017
The Bear 100, Logan, UT - September 29-30, 2017
Cumberland Trail 50K, Cove Lake State Park, TN  - September 30, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
The North Face Endurance Challenge, Park City, UT - September 23, 2017
Ultra Madeira, Madeira Islands - September 23, 2017
Ultra Pirineu, Bagà, Spain - September 23-24, 2017
Berlin Marathon, Berlin, Germany - September 24, 2017

2017 Spartathlon Promo

Ian Thompson winning the 1974 Commonwealth Games Marathon

2017 Berlin Race Highlights

Ultra-Trail World Tour 2017 Episode 4

Glen Coe Skyline 2017 Race

I have been dealign with some Achilles/Heel pain that could lead to PF and found this video helpful as often we go straight to the pain but in truth it usually starts elsewhere, 2 more parts to follow.

Here is Part 2 with mobility exercises for those problem areas found in Part 1

Mogollon Moster 100

The UTE 100 Mile Trail Race

Another nice video by Mary Lide Parker - The Chattanooga 100/50 Mile & Relay

National Geographics look at Nike's Breaking 2

This weeks Mountain Outhouse

Friday, September 22, 2017

Weekly RunDown #55

Gerry Lindgren (86) & Kenny Moore (?35)
“Courage is not a quality you teach. Courage is the by-product of self-discipline. It is an attitude.”
Gerry Lindgren

Thanks to all that visited last weeks Weekly Rundown as it was the most visited one I have had yet.  Also, thanks to all those that went to the Podcast Post and I will be adding to it as I get more links and listen to more podcasts so check back.  Really surprised at how many visited my newest post this week on rest and injuries, I guess it is a hot topic, as it is the most visited post and that is in less than 24 hours.  I am appreciative of everyone that visits, and hopefully, reads and benefits from the posts.

Now to what you came here for:)

The Spartathlon race is next week (Sept 29-30) and Will Rivera from Elizabethtown in my state of KY, and owner of the Running Soles store, is entered.  See race promo video below -  Go Will!

Don't forget the Berlin Marathon is this weekend and with Kipchoge, Bekele and Kipsang scheduled to run it could be a great race.   FloTrack will be live streaming it but you will have to have a subscription to see it.  Looks like FloTrack only for outside the US as in the US you can watch it on T.V. on the NBC Sports Network for free or stream it if you have a subscription to NBC Sports God.  However, if you are industrious there there are usually other ways to see it, hint, hint:)

Mario Fraioli writes on the Berlin Marathon:  Off to the Races (Finally)

Toni Reavis also writes on Berlin's Dream Race

Article on Eliud Kipchoge Marathon Maestro

Galen Rupp will not have an easy run at October 8ths Chicago Marathon with the addition of:  Stanley Biwott (KEN) - 2:03:51 (London, 2016), Feyisa Lilesa (ETH) - 2:04:52 (Chicago, 2012), Ezekiel Chebii (KEN) - 2:06:07 (Amsterdam, 2016) & Bernard Kipyego (KEN)- 2:06:19 (Amsterdam, 2015)

John Kelly gives his tips for the Barkley Fall Classic but admits he has never run it. Then again he did finish the Barkley Marathons in 2017

Interview with Tony Staynings two-time British Olympian in 1976 and 1980 in the 3,000 meter steeplechase - Picture of Tony and interview were courtesy of Gary Cohen

Toni Reavis looks at technology and how it might affect running's This Week on Running: September 18, 2017's The Week That Was in Running: Sept 11-17, 2017

The 2017 USATF 24 Hour National Championships were this past weekend

If you use HR to train do you use a chest strap or wrist sensor on the watch.  I tried a wrist sensor but found it to be off at times and this study may have proven this out.  For me part of the issue is I have really skinny wrists so that may have exacerbated the issues I had with one.

At this years Barkley Marathons when Gary apparently just missed the 60 hour cut-off and then it was found he went slightly off course the topic of rules came up and here is an article by Gary Cantrell - "Lazarus Lake" - on the subject.

Some good info on warning signs of achilles issues.  I am dealing with achilles issues and have had the issue of kicking my inside ankle as mentioned in the post.  A pop-up may come up to do the 30 Day Challenge but you can just go by that.  I have used some of the sites stretches and have benefited from them.

Mike Wardian wins the Fenway Park Marathon by running 116.5 laps in 2:53

Dr. Phil Maffetone writes on his 1:59 marathon prediction: My 1:59 Gaffe

How many of these are you guilty of, I know I have done all of them at some time

Some Technical Tips for running trails

If I every get to go to a running camp this is the one for me: Running Camp with Bronco Billy & Speedgoat

Here is a link to a friend of mines site on nutrition: The Nutrition Equation

Some good advice: Stop Sabotaging Your Running

Masters Running News
Is a longer training cycle advantageous as you get older
Check out the Museum of Masters Track & Field

Races this Coming Week
The North Face Endurance Challenge, Park City, UT - September 23, 2017
Ultra Madeira, Madeira Islands - September 23, 2017
Ultra Pirineu, Bagà, Spain - September 23-24, 2017
Berlin Marathon, Berlin, Germany - September 24, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin, Dousman, WI - Spetember 16, 2017
Coastal 50K, Stinson Beach, CA - September 16, 2017
NorthCoast 24HR (USATF Championships), Cleveland, OH - September 16-17, 2017
Mogollon Monster 100, Mogollon Rim, AZ - Septemebr 16-17, 2017
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, Philladelphia, PA - September 17, 2017
Glen Coe Skyline, Kinlochleven, UK - September 17, 2017

1970 - 2 Mile Race W/Kerry Lindgren, Frank Shorter and Eventual Winner Kerry O'Brien

Promo for the Berlin Marathon

The Spartathlon 2017 Race Promo

Ultra Madeira 2017 Promo

Ultra Pirineu 2016

I like this guy and he some great mobility stuff.  Might be for cross-fitters but runners can benefit from the info.  As far as Voodoo Bands I have found them to be helpful.  Check out more videos here: SmashweRx

Billy Yang's new film The Gathering on the 2017 Hardrock 100

Movie on Sebastian Coe - Born to Run

Seb Coe was not only fast but look so fluid doing it

Clip on the Fenway Park Marathon

Video on Joe McConaughy's training for his AT record and how running an ultra on back to back weekends helped

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When Will I Learn – Take a Break Before You’re Broke

You would think after 45 years I would have learned my lesson but no, I keep repeating the same thing I am always telling other not to do.  So often I get a nagging injury and I take a day or two off thinking if I just rest a few days I can get back into it and not miss much.  But all too often I do this cycle over and over and the injury is still there till finally I have to take two plus weeks off.   To add insult to “injury”, pun intended, since my reason for trying to keep running usually is an up coming event so what tends to happen is the that I finally have to take time off right at the events date and miss the run as it is.  Now taking the two weeks off at the start, or just avoiding the injury all together but more on that in a moment, may or may not have solved the issue but it invariably would have been a better choice and leave me with a better opportunity to race later.

I understand why even experienced runners who can afford it have coaches because no matter how much you know there seems to be that element of “DO as I say NOT as I DO.”  When you coach others you can look at them from a perspective that often you cannot see about yourself and that loss of perspective can lead to decisions and directions that may end up being detrimental.  Now, even if you do not have a coach you can surround yourself with those that are not afraid to tell you to “take a break” which may also be able to help avoid the injury trap.  Now when I speak of injuries I am not talking about those that may come from other areas of life but those that crop up due most often to over-use or maybe just going to far too fast.  Whatever the reason it often takes a perspective that is detached from you to see the issue.  I do not say this to give myself an excuse but I have to admit I often from my perspective am not over doing it.  When I look back I can see that while I may not have been suddenly throwing in a 100 mile week after never running more than 40 but instead because I was feeling good I just kept going and did not take a break from training or racing as I should have.

The lesson I need to learn is that we need to take a break before we are broke – hey maybe I need to copywrite that but then again I am sure someone has said that before.  I was joking with my wife the other day that taking time off would be easy if I disliked running but then again I run because I enjoy it.  Thus, while I admit there are times I want a certain amount of miles or need to run a certain distance to make sure I can tick of my training box more often than not I cut my rest short just because I like to run.  That does not mean I enjoy every run but as a whole I just like to run.

So what of this latest issue?  While I do not have Plantar Fasciitis, yet, I do have a very sore heel where the achilles attaches.   If I look back the achilles issue did not come directly from too many miles but stems from calf issues that came about during a hard run after having quite a few miles.  The miles themselves were not necessarily high but looking back I can see I had not had a long enough period of rest when I needed it and not just wait till it is convenient.  Sad thing on my part was that I had this issue the year before and had talked about taking a break every 5 weeks or so but in the midst of travel and work and racing I just ended up not taking those needed days thus never taking a planned break.  Well my body said it is time for one and that is not the way I, we, should decide on when to take a break.

I had been struggling with calf issues and was trying to keep up the training as I had Hood to Coast coming up so tried to run through it and in many ways was able to but it was not always comfortable.  I had planned after Hood to Coast during a family vacation to take a week or two off.  Well my love for running and especially finding trials up mountains got in the way.  I had told myself that a 16 mile run up 3500ft would be no big deal and the previous 4 miler was just a shakeout run.  The issue is that what those runs did, while enjoyable with a little pain, was disrupt the rest so that while I may have only run three days during the week I did not get the consecutive days of rest my achilles needed.  To top this off we were driving back from Idaho across the county back home to KY and of course I had to run in Yellowstone as well as another run on a beautiful morning but the part I had not accounted for was how driving a few thousand miles would affect my Achilles especially when I would run in the AM then get in the car and drive – let me tell you that is a bad idea if you can avoid it do so.  I then took a week off of running once I got home before I had to go back out to CA for work and rode 3 days, telling myself that it was not running, but then I got to CA and was sore from flying and went for a short run – another bad idea and a stop to a week off from running before I actually got the week – do you see a trend here.  I then took one more day off and the heel felt a little better and I tried to run the next day and while sore it was not unbearable, that is until later that night and all the next day.  Man did it hurt the next day and it did not subside most of the day.

So that is where I am.  I wrote some time ago about having a long term perspective and that perspective is to run long term and while I do have “A” Races and Goals running for long into the future is at the top of my list.  When I see things from that perspective and put aside my pride in not running a race I had planned on it makes things easier, not easy but easier, to say whoa.  I am not one to enter lots of races and do not show up as I only enter races I plan on running but this year due to work and now injuries I have had to back out of a few races.  The reason I am going to shut it down for a month or so from racing and thus pass on The Bourbon Chase Relay in KY which I really wanted to run as well as the Colossal-Vail 50 Miler in AZ is that it is the wise thing to do.  I have some big plans for next year which include the Land Between the Lakes 50 miler in March 2018 and the Yamacraw 50K (this is a maybe as it is 30 days after LBL but may do it as a training run) in April then my first 100 miler at Tunnel Hill in 2018.  After that my current plan is to work to qualify for Boston at The Kentucky Derby Marathon in 2019 so I can run the 2020 Boston when I am 60.  I think taking the rest now and then training so that these events in the future can take place is what needs to be done.  There is a chance I may be able to run a 30K in mid November but only if I have no pain and also it will be a pretty much day of the race decision and it will be run in a manner that readies me for the future and not jeopardize it.

Also, when taking a look back at my last two years of trying I have had some very good weeks but I have a hard time making it to November as I had to DNS the Indy Marathon due to issues.  This tells me I am not taking the mid-season break that I need and will factor that in this coming year.  Also, in this coming year I need to work on more mobility and strength and not just say I will do it.  I just need to figure out how to make time even if it means running less.

Well that is a quick look at how things are ending for my year and I hope you can learn some Lessons from my mistakes.  I may not learn quickly but I hope you do.  Take to heart to that rest is much a part of training and the activity of training is and make sure you “Take a Break Before You Are Broke.”  Do not put off what needs to be done, rest, as your body will make you rest at some point and that point is usually more painful and often conflicts with what you avoided rest to try and do.  If you can afford a coach, and you may even find your company may even cover part of it like they do for some people with health clubs, do so and if not find people who will help you progress.  With this be careful not to surround yourself with people like you as often that means the advise will be “just gut it out”, or “work through it.”  It is OK to have those people but make sure you have those that will be honest with you and say take a break when you need it or will tell you to cut back when you are maybe getting a little over zealous.

Again -  “Take a Break Before You're Broke

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