Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly RunDown #50

John Landy
"Almost every part of the mile is tactically important:  you can never let down, never stop thinking, and you can be beaten at almost any point.  I suppose you could say it is like life."
John Landy

Do you warm-up before a trail race?  You should and here are some reasons and suggestions on how

Nick Coury looks back at his Hardrock 100

Good interview on Heartland Running with Josh Sprague of Orange Mud.  Also, here is an earlier interview with Josh

Ian Corless' UTMB preview of this years race which is August 28th - September 3rd's This Week in Running: august 14, 2017

It's time for the 45th running of the Falmouth Road Race in MA.  I have never run the race but it is one I have followed for years because back in the day it was one of THE races and all the big guns in the US ran such as Shorter, Rogers, Salazar and others.

The day before the Falmouth Road Race there will be a Falmouth Mile

Bill Rogers talks about his 1977 Falmouth victory

If you are looking to track someone, or just get updates, in the Leadville 100 you can do so here

Also, with regards to Leadville here is a Q&A with last years winner Ian Sharman

Good interview with Camille Herron, the women's winner of the 2017 Comrades

Primal Endurance podcast: Lindsay Taylor Listener Q&A on Fueling

Not sure who has gone to Madeira Island, or for that matter have heard of it, but man look at these trails

Nice race report and photos from a race you may have not heard of: 2017 Fat Dog 120 in British Columbia, Canada

List of High Energy Nutrient Dense Foods for Athletes

Marcus who is a runner talks about the supplements he uses to deal with his Lyme Disease

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella writes on 5 Tips on How to Improve Your Form

Some ideas for finishing well in your next trail race

Nice interview with Steve Jones, one of the runners I watched when I started running.

Joe Gray talks about running clean

Masters Running News
My recent article on running and aging: Age is Just a Number - Or is it?

More thoughts on masters running: Maximizing Your Potential in Masters Running

Races this Coming Week
Leadville 100, Leadville, CO - August 19-20, 2017
Waldo 100K, Willamette Pass, OR - August 19, 2017
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, Manitou Springs, CO - August 19 & 20, 2017
Squamish 50, Squamish, WA - August 19 - 20, 2017
Ultra Great Britain (200 Miles), UK - August 19-23, 2017
Falmouth Road Race,  Falmouth, MA - August 20, 2017
Grand Prix Birmingham (Diamond League), UK - August 20, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Bigfoot 200 Mile Endurance Race,   Mt. St. Helens, WA -  August 11-15, 2017
Eastern States 100,  Little Pine St Park,  PA  -    August 12, 2017
Gorce Ultra Trail, Poland  - August 12, 2017
Paavo Nurmi Marathon,  Hurley, WI - August 12, 2017
2017 IAAF World Championships, London, UK - August 4-13, 2017

John Landy - Career Highlights

Awesome Run for the American Women at the 2017 World Championships

1994 Falmouth Road Race

Here is one from way back, how many people can you pick out?  1983 Continental Homes 10K in Phoenix

In light of the Pikes Ascent and Marathon this weekend here is a video of the 2012 race

Salomon for sure has some good videos

2014 Leadville 100 Trail Race

Sierre-Zinal 2017 Race Video

This Weeks Mountain Outhouse

Good talk by Stephen Phinney on LCHF and Nutritional Ketosis - Part 1

Pt 2 of Stephen Phinney on LCHF and Nutritional Ketosis

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Age is Just a Number – Or is it?

You hear it all the time, often accompanied by an inspiring video or story of someone in their later years doing some, often, athletic feat with the proclamation that “Age is Just a Number.”  After we agree that what was viewed, or written, was indeed inspiring we need to ask if age is really just a number.

Well if you are speaking of tipping the stereotype cart that tends to go with age then age is for a sure
just a number as many put restrictions on assumptions based on stereotypes.  While there are many today that seem to defy the norm when it comes to aging the vast majority buy into the “your too old to do that” mantra and often should not.  However that said, those of us who are getting older can attests, if we are honest, age in deed is a number and has its affects.   Maybe not as the world depicts but there are changes that mean we cannot do as we once did.

A little about me for those that do not know me:  I have been running, with a stint racing bicycles competitively for about 10 years, since I first ran in High School in 1973 after not making the tennis team.  After high school I ran for the University of Arizona for 3 years as a walk on, or is that run on, but as we had a very strong team even though I ran 5k’s in around 15:00 I was still probably the slowest guy there.  I had some good workouts but probably left my best times and efforts in those training sessions.  During that time I also ran some marathons with my best being 2:30:52 when I was 19 in 78’ and pretty much stayed at the 2:30 range for a number of years.  I share these times because as we age and look back often our times from days gone by it can be an issue if we do not keep things in context.

Let me add here if you are one that started running later in life you will have avoided this possible road-block and that is a good thing.  You will also not deal with some of the trials of seeing yourself slow down as being new to sport later in life you will still progress but age even for you will come into play at some point.  For me I do not see this as negative but as a challenge to meet and deal with.
Running, as much as I enjoyed and did well at cycling, is just one of the things I enjoy and want to do as long as possible and to do that I need to make sure I heed many of the things I will mention in the rest of this post.  If one does not live in reality, reality will often jump up and bite you to get you to notice it.  I also want to add that I have to admit to people they need to do as I say not as I often do because I still struggle with many of the topics covered and often fail to follow through with what I know needs to be done.

What I want to do in the rest of this post is to look briefly at a number of areas where I, being 58, have seen the affects of age on myself, and others: Training, Mobility, Racing, Shoes and Diet

First lets look at training as that is often where issues crop up as one has to adjust intensity, quantity and expectations among other factors when it comes to how we prepare for whatever ones goals are.  If you are new to running some of the trials of adjusting to age are not as apparent as you start with a somewhat clean slate but still have to be aware of your physical limitations presented by age.  Having run for many years I have had to realize I needed to lower miles and slow down on slow days – including having more slow days – so as to recover.  If I in training for a particular race need higher miles I look at weeks in chunks so that I up my mileage and then back off in a wise manner.  I often look at my mileage and see 40-50 miles and it just seems low when I think back to my days of 100+ but in truth back then I ran 7 days a week and now run 4-5 so in some ways the mileage is closer when looking at daily mileage but I just have more rest days.

Speaking of rest days, they become even more critical because as you age you do take longer to recuperate after a long and/or hard run.  Runs that are to be restful need to be slowed down and I have found using my heart-rate as my guide for slower runs is the best decision I have made.  While not really new, as it is based on the principles of Arthur Lydiard, I use the MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) formula of 180-age with some additions, and subtractions for some, as a baseline.  This helps make sure that my easy runs are just that, easy, and also my easy weeks are easy.  I work to train in cycles so that I will have months of MAF runs alone with other months using MAF for the easy days only.  I have found that this has helped greatly to allow me to be fresher and have less injuries.  Now injuries are not negated as one can still run too many miles even when running slowly, and I have done this, so running slower does not negate a need to know your body and see your
limitations, yes we do have those.

Bottom line here is there are many ways to train but I have found that making MAF the central philosophy of my training has worked the best and was integral to working to be fat adapted, more on this under diet.  The main point with training as you get older is to make sure when you rest you rest and that mileage, or time on your feet, is watched closely and monitored with how you feel and how your body reacts.  When you are younger often you can get by if you over do it but as you get older that is not as possible.

This should actually be included in training but recently I have noted more issues that stem from a reduction in mobility.  For me the mobility issues are in my ankles and hips but for you it may be other areas.  As we age our mobility decreases and while being active may slow the reduction of mobility it does happen unless we are proactive.  There any number of mobility exercises you can find on YouTube so just search and find what works.

I like to run trails, when I can, and often I hear people say they need more mobility in their ankles so as not to twist them on trails.  For me, while I do work on my ankles, I have found the best mobility exercise for my ankles is to run trails.  As we age we need to be honest that extra exercises need to be done even if you have to sacrifice some time running since maintaining mobility may in the long run allow you to run more and maybe even farther.

This is a hard one for me because even though racing can be stressful due to me being very competitive I still enjoy it.  Also, as you age if you are competitive you may find age group racing
being an increased draw that can lead you to race too often.   With so many 5k’s available to run often that is the choice of many and one of the nice things about a 5k is that you can indeed run one most weekends.  That said just because you can do something does not make it wise to do so.   For me I race about once a month and use that race as a speed day so that I am not overdoing speed work.  When it comes to Ultra’s, which I have started running, I have run 3 ultras in 60 days and that is the maximum I can do but even when I did the 3 runs the first one was a workout time-trial to ready for my first 50 miler so I only really “raced” two of them.  As with training you have to be aware of your body and this applies to racing as well.  My advice is that as you get older be careful and make sure the racing you do fits into a larger picture.  If you do races as a way to meet with other runners then make sure you run easy for some races so that even running every weekend is then not an issues since some races actually end up being simply training runs, albeit ones you pay to do.

First I want to say that I realize some people may have particular issues that require extra support or some other feature that comes in many shoes.  However, often these added “improvements” in shoes instead of helping your feet prop up issues and in the end weaken ones feet and make them reliant on your shoes instead of the shoes simply being there to allow your feet do what they were designed to do.  As I stated often all the new features added to many shoes can work to possibly weaken ones feet to a point of increasing the chance of injury.  When looking at shoes make sure you differentiate between buying due to hype and actually needing what is hyped.

An alternative is to work to strengthen ones feet by exercises, just check out YouTube, and even moving to more minimal shoes.  To do this while not moving to minimal shoes solely you might begin by using minimal shoes on a minimal basis but even that can work to strengthen your feet.  Now the warning on using minimal shoes, as you get older many things you do can have negative affects if done too much too quickly and moving to a more minimal shoe is one of those things.  Thus if you want to look at using minimal shoes later in life use wisdom and move forward slowly.

To be upfront I am a Carson Footwear ambassador but I share the following to illustrate what I have
been saying.  Over the last 6 months I have begun running in Carson’s which while not as minimal as some “minimal” shoes they are still a minimalistic design.  I have gotten to where I could go up to 19 miles in the shoes but in doing that I may have gotten there too fast.  Not so much due to the Zero Drop as I have been in no-drop shoes for a few years but in moving to more minimal support I may have gone there too quickly and in doing so have had some issues that has moved me to be more aware during this transition time.  I am still working to make minimal shoes my go to shoes but need to allow more time and as mentioned previously have added mobility exercises to help in this move.  As an example I still run long trail and road runs in my Carson’s but then also do some other runs in other shoes so that my feet get a rest as they transition.  If I was younger I think the transition would have been OK but at the age I am I should have gone at it more slowly.

I would suggest at a minimum, even if you have no desire to run in minimal shoes, that you work to strengthen your feet as in the long run, pun intended, it will benefit you.  As your feet strengthen so will your legs and the rest of your body.  This is critical especially as you age and can only be a good thing.   Just as having a strong core is critical to other areas so having strong feet as your base affects all else in the system.  Also, as I said I am a Carson Footwear Ambassador, if you want to try a pair of Carson shoes you can get 10% of using this code: Run2017tonyk.

This is one that I had not really looked at till recently.  Over the years since I took up riding then went back to running I slowly gained some weight.  Now part of that gain was when I moved to racing bikes as I built more muscle.  The rest of the weight that came on as I went back to running and at times not running much came slowly and in doing so was not noticeable till I realized I was up in the 230lb range from the 175lb I was at when I was racing bikes at 30 or so.  The weight came on slowly and in some ways not all that noticeable.  That is till I started running more seriously again and noticed the weight and the extra tire I was carrying around the waist.  Initially with more running and working on our farm I did lose some weight and got down to the 200 range but could not get under 200.  I ate well and worked to reduce garbage food but sort of stagnated at 200.

Upon investigating what to do and also looking to see what might best help my running I looked more into the MAF approach I spoke of earlier and in doing so came across talk of Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF) and fat adaptation.  While I had heard of being fat adapted and high fat diets from back in the 80’s the information was not as easy to find as it is now.  My recent investigations led to trying Phil Maffetone’s Two Week Test which while used for discovering any carbohydrate intolerances is also a gateway to work on reducing carbs.  After looking into things more I decided to give a LCHF diet, diet is probably not the best word, a go and see how it went.

What I found for me is I fairly quickly went down to 175 while still running in the 30-50 mile per week range and also noticed becoming more fat adapted so that on runs of 2-3 hours I could actually do them without extra food.  Now what is Low Carb for me?  For many Low Carb is limiting carbs to 50grams/day or under however for me after a number of trials and seeing what worked best with my health, work and life I found that I did best at 100-150 grams per day.

One other very important thing I have found was that reducing carbohydrates not only helped with weight it also helped in reducing inflammation and recovery was much quicker.  Was I still sore the next day after a long run or a hard workout, yes.  But nowhere near the extent I was before changing my eating habits and the amount of time to getting back to normal was greatly shortened.

The point here is that how and what one eats is important in all of life but as we age it can become even more important.  If you want the best place to start with diet, diet here referring to how you eat, aim to hold to JERF – Just Eat Real Food – if you have not already.  From there I can tell you it is well worth your time to try a LCHF diet.  You may find you need to tweak things but you will never find out till you try and please give it time.  Take it from me many any years of consuming carbs does not make it easy to change but it is worth it, well it was for me.

I did not write this post to be a bummer by saying age is a real thing.  I wrote this post to make sure we take a realistic look at aging and running.  It is when one takes a realistic approach that one will make strides, pun again intended,  in not only improving in your running but working to stay healthy so you can run for years to come.

If you are starting running late in life or you never ran seriously in your youth you may have PR’s to look forward to.  If you have been doing this for years after you readjust your perspective you to can look forward to PR’s relative to your age.  If running faster is not your goal, no problem,  then having a healthy view of aging and being aware that your body does indeed change over time will allow you to run much longer.

With the correct mindset and goals you can indeed defeat the aging serotypes while at the same being realistic to know you are not what you once were.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Weekly RunDown #49

Benji Durden
“It takes a lot more than ability to run fast; it takes the ability to keep coming back and keep coming back.”
Benji Durden

Benji Durden, 2nd in 1980 Olympic Marathon Trials interview from 2015

While much of the focus of the Men's 2017 World Championship 10K was on Moe Farah the second place finish of Uganda's Cheptegai should be just as compelling a story.  You may not remember the name Cheptegai but you should as I shared a video some months ago, and did again below, of Cheptegai at the world Cross Country championship's in his own country.  He went out fast and was leading until the last 1/2 mile where he faded badly.  Well he led here but did not fade.  He may not have one the 10K but he is for sure someone to watch and showed how you continue on after a spectacular failure.

While a 50K just seems like it is just an extended Marathon there are some differences, here are 6 of them

Rob Krar gives some tips for running in the dark

Need some ideas for Leg and core work, here are some exceriszes you can work into your schedule

Flynn and Walmsley break records at Speedgoat 50K

How many of you know who Joe Gray is, you should

Here is a podcast with Joe Gray and UltraRunner

iRunFar's This Week in Running: August 7, 2017

Some thoughts on Choosing a Pacer and Crew for Your Next Ultra

Part 1 of and article by Bob Seebohar on Periodizing Nutrition for Health and Performance

North Downs Way 100 2017 Race Report

Thanks to Mark Cucuzzella for writing an article dealing with the usual agenda driven mis-information with regards to LCHF  in this article see page 30 of PDF

2017 Spartathlon is coming the 29-30 of September, here is an article on the race

Some simple ways you can improve as a runner

How does running affect your mind and brain, here are 10 ways

How do you define a perfect race

Who has the Comrades Marathon on their bucket list - It is on mine

Here are a couple podcasts on the upcoming UTMB with Trail Runner Nation - Part 1w/Tim Toloffson and Sally McRae & Part 2 

At the 2017 World Track & Field Championships in London Amy Cragg gets 3rd in the marathon, Evan Jager gets third in the steeplechase and Jenny Simpson gets 2nd in the 1500.  More news here

Lastly, share you favorite local running store in the comments here or on Facebook where I have linked to this post so others can know about them.  Mine is Running Soles in Elizabethtown, KY.  Great store and the owner Will Rivera is a great guy as well as an accomplished ultra runner.

Masters Running News
Results from 2017 USATF National Masters T & F Championships

Races this Coming Week
Bigfoot 200 Mile Endurance Race,   Mt. St. Helens, WA -  August 11-15, 2017
Eastern States 100,  Little Pine St Park,  PA  -    August 12, 2017
Gorce Ultra Trail, Poland  - August 12, 2017
Paavo Nurmi Marathon,  Hurley, WI - August 12, 2017
2017 IAAF World Championships, London, UK - August 4-13, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
2017 IAAF World Track Championships, London, UK - August 4-13, 2017
Ouray 100 Mile Endurance, Ouray, CO - August 4-6, 2017
Tromso Skyrace,  Norway -  August 4-5, 2017
30th Angeles Crest 100, Wrightwood, CA - August 5-6, 2017
North Downs Way 100,  Farnham, UK   - August 5-6, 2017

Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run Trailer


2017 IAAF World Championship 10K - Moe Farah Wins Again

2017 World Cross Country Championships - Watch the whole race as Cheptegai, 2nd at the recent World's 10K fades badly at the end.

Tromso Skyrace 2017

Mountain Outhouse 1 - Year Anniversary

And also the latest Mountain Outhouse

UTMB is Coming August 28th - September 3rd, 2017

1988 Dream Mile from Oslo Norway

Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekly RunDown #48

Brendan Foster
“If I hadn’t been a good runner, I would have been a bad runner – but I would still have been a runner.” 
Brendan Foster

Brendan Foster is retiring from commentating after this years world's in London which starts Friday.  When I first started running Brendan was one of the guys I looked up to as he just seemed a workman like guy when he ran as you saw the effort he put out in his races.  If you are in the UK you can watch this BBC program on him - Brendan Foster: A Life in Athletics.  If anyone knows a way to to watch this in the US let me know as I would like to see it, hope it ends up on Youtube at some time.

Nice article on the Bob Graham Round by Hugh Symonds's This Week in Running: July 31, 2017

A look at the Alan Web's Summer of 2007 and if you do not know who Alan Web is, he holds the American Mile Record of 3:46.91

Looks like Los Angeles gets the 2028 Olympics

Desi Linden talks about finding a sense purpose in the midst of a running slump

Mario offers up 6 Simple Ways to Keep Improving as a Runner

Entries for the 2107 World Championships in London 

Here is a preview of Day One of the 2017 Worlds - Can Moe win the 10K

And a preview of the Mens's World Championship Marathon to be run Sunday the 6th and here is the Women's preview to be run the same day.

Not promoting betting here but here are some odds for the World Championships in London from and elsewhere

Talk with Yuki Kawauchi as he leaves to run the 2017 World's Marathon

How do you deal with running in the heat - here are some suggestions

More advice on safely running in the summer

Thinking of doing a 100 miler Magda Boulet talks on how to deal with the daunting prospect

Team USA gets 5 medals at 2017 World Mountain Running Championships

This is becoming real to me as I get older. I really need to strengthen my ankles among other areas

I think I need to finish a 100 miler first - The Edge of Possible

Looks like a beautiful place to run

One of the keys to a successful ultra is getting pacing right

Ian Corless' preview of the Tromso Skyrace this weekend

To get ready for the 2107 Chicago Marathon Galen Rupp is running the Philadelphia Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon

Masters Running News
10 Ways to Run Forever - things to keep in mind as you keep running while getting older

Article on dealing with masters placing in races

The World Masters Rankings

Races this Coming Week
2017 IAAF World Track Championships, London, UK - August 4-13, 2017
Ouray 100 Mile Endurance, Ouray, CO - August 4-6, 2017
Tromso Skyrace,  Norway -  August 4-5, 2017
30th Angeles Crest 100, Wrightwood, CA - August 5-6, 2017
North Downs Way 100,  Farnham, UK   - August 5-6, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Swiss Irontail, Switzerland  - July 28 - 30, 2017
Burning River 100,  Willoughby Hills, Ohio - July 29, 2017
Speedgoat 50K, Snowbird, UT - July 29, 2017
Pen Llyn Ultra Marathon, Plas Heli, Wales  -  July 29, 2017

1977 British National Cross Country Championships

74' European Championships 5000m

Alan Web's Mile Record

Short film on the 2016 Leadville 100 - "Moments at Elevation"

Moments at Elevation from Isaiah Jay on Vimeo.

Speedgoat Film on Karl Meltzer

Running the Georgia Death Race - This is one I would like to try one day

Dan Plews talks about Ironman racing on LCHF

And Dr. Francesca Conte talks about Low-Carb High-Fat Ultra Endurance - Part 1

The Mogollon Monster 100

Billy Yang footage from this years Western States 100

Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekly RunDown #47

Amby Burfoot
"We were meant to run, and we do so naturally when left to our own devices"
Amby Burfoot

Article on Amby Burfoot's 1968 Boston Marathon win: Running Scared

Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella have a great conversation on a number of topics including: The MAF Method, Food as Medicine and much more's This Week in Running: July 24, 2017's The Week That Was in Running - July 17-23, 2017

An anti-inflammatory diet is important for your running

So where is Alan Webb, the High School Mile Record Holder in 3:53.43 and American Record Holder at 3:46.91 - he owns a mobile truck repair business in Oregon.

I know I need to work on this part of my trail/ultra running so here is some advice on When (and How) to Power Hike

Do you welcome discomfort?

Sad to hear the drug cartels have been forcing the Tarahumara to run drugs for them

Jared Ward on the perfect running stride

6 things you might want to add to your running routine

Some thoughts on better sleep for athletes

Thoughts on the Monaco Diamond League meet from last week

Meghan Hick's Bob Graham Round report

New marathon series for 2017-2018 with $500,000 up for grabs for Asian runners only

A look at Athlete Perfectionism: The Hijacked Brain

Write up on the 2017 Crewel Jewel 50: "Best Laid Plans...." The Cruelty of the Jewel

While Pete Kostelnick broke the Race Across America record last year here is A Brief History of the Race

I need to run this one day, even the Double: The 107th Dipsea Race - Lessons Learned

Are you going to be helping crew someone in an ultra here are some tips that may be helpful

Masters Running News
A little late but here is a run down of masters performances at the 2017 Boston Marathon

Here is info on the Masters 1/2 Marathon Championships - Part 1

Here is info on the Masters 1/2 Marathon Championships - Part 2

Races this Coming Week
Swiss Irontail, Switzerland  - July 28 - 30, 2017
Burning River 100,  Willoughby Hills, Ohio - July 29, 2017
Speedgoat 50K, Snowbird, UT - July 29, 2017
Pen Llyn Ultra Marathon, Plas Heli, Wales  -  July 29, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Monaco Diamond League, Monaco July 21, 2017
Dolomites SkyRace,  Canazei, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy - July 22, 2017 (Preview)
Under Armor Mtn Running Series - Cascade Volcano 50K, Bend, OR - July 22, 2017
Bigfoot 100K,  Cougar, WA - July 22-23, 2017
San Francisco Marathon, San Francisco, CA - July 23, 2017

Highlights of 2017 Badwater 135 - Part 1
STYR Labs Badwater 135 2017 | Event highlight | I/II from Wes R. Kasik on Vimeo.

Highlights of 2017 Badwater 135 - Part 2
STYR Labs Badwater 135 2017 | Event highlight | II/II from Wes R. Kasik on Vimeo.

Pacing at the 2015 Hardrock 100

Great race by Evan Jager in Monaco 2017

Speed Mountain Running – five 4000m peaks in 7h 45min

This weeks Mountain Outhouse

Dolomites Skyrace

Latest video from SFuels.TV - "Racing and Winning Ironman on LCHF

Not necessarily directly running related but as I am on a LCHD diet, s are many I know, that uses Coconut Oil and the AHA put on a full court press recently to bad mouth it this is funny

Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekly RunDown #46

Lorraine Moller
“For me, running is a lifestyle and an art.  I'm more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics.” 
Lorraine Moller

Denver Post article on Kilian's win in the Hardrock 100 after dislocating his shoulder at 13+ miles in.

Also, you do not see this too often, except in many Ultras, as Kilian was there to greet the last finisher who finished almost 24 hours after him

Post on the 2017 Badwater 135 and the runner from Japan that won

Thinking about trying MAF training but concerned about the slowing down you have probably heard about, at least when starting.  Here is a good article on Overcoming Frustrations with MAF Low-Heart Rate Training's This Week in Running July 17, 2017

A Weekly Roundup from Athletics Weekly in the UK's Week That Was In Running: July 10-16, 2017

Ian Corless post with a summary and images on the Royal Ultra SkyMarathon Gran Paradiso race

Want to see what the Western States 100 course is like?  Well you can see the first 78 miles so far on Google Maps

How about trying the Millwood 100 created by Jared Campbell. Here is an article on it by KSL TV in Salt Lake: Millwood 100 offers ‘ultimate tour' of Wasatch mountains

A podcast from over a year ago with Mark Cucuzzella on Healthy Eating but one to listen to again

News on Athletics from New Zealand for the week

Looking to do a 100 miler here are 10 Ways to Prepare

Now this race in Iceland looks cool

While often we run to reduce stress beware of running-induced stress

Mobility is an aspect of training I have not spent enough time on here is Part 5 (Trunk Extension) of a series on Mobility; Part 1 ( Hips ), Part 2 ( Trunk Rotation ), Part 3 ( Foot and Ankle ), Part 4 ( Knee )

Hoping the Berlin Marathon on September 24th will be as good as it can be with the notice that Wilson Kipsang (former WR holder) is running as well as Eliud Kipchoge also running and saying he is going for the World Record.  Here is's posting of the press release

Galen Rupp and Jordan Hasay are running the Chicago Marathon October 8th

If you live in or travel to San Diego, CA here are 10 places to run

Anyone tried this: Sufferfest Beer - Gluten Free

Yes countries are looking to bid for the 2032 Olympics: Germany reveal bid plan for 2032 Olympics

Masters Running News
We should all hope to be moving this good when we get older as these ladies move right along in the women's 80-104  100 meters

Seven American age group records set at the USATF Outdoor Masters Championships on the last day

Races this Coming Week
Monaco Diamond League, Monaco July 21, 2017
Dolomites SkyRace,  Canazei, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy - July 22, 2017 (Preview)
Under Armor Mtn Running Series - Cascade Volcano 50K, Bend, OR - July 22, 2017
Bigfoot 100K,  Cougar, WA - July 22-23, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Vol State 500K, TN - Starts July 13, 2017 (No Results Posted Yet)
USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, Baton Rouge, LA - July 13-16, 2017
Hardrock 100, Silverton, CO - July 14-16, 2017
Eiger Ultra Trail, Grindelwald, Switzerland , July 15-16, 2017
Diamond League, Rebat, Morocco -  July 16, 2017
Barr Trail Mtn Race, Manitou Springs, CO, July 16, 207
Royal Ultra SkyMarathon Grand Paradiso, Ceresole Reale, Italy - July 16, 2017

Jamil Coury's video on his 4th Hardrock 100

Billy Yang's new movie "The Unknown" on Timothy Olsen's 2016 Hardrock 100

Looking forward to seeing this

Kilian Jornet 2017 Hardrock 100 Winner Interview

Caroline Chaverit 2017 Hardrock 100 Women's Winner Interview

1999 Mile World Record of Hicham El Guerrouj - Even second place went under the previous record

Dave Coles talks about his change to a LCHF diet

Hard to see the false start but the lead guy sure went a long way after it

Bekele's 5000m World Record form 2004 - 12:37.35

Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekly RunDown #45

Frank Shorter & Kenny Moore
Part of a runner’s training consists of pushing back the limits of his mind. 
Kenny Moore's This Week in Running: July 10, 2017's Week That Was in Running

The Royal Ultra SkyMarathon® Gran Paradiso is this weekend in Italy and Ian Corless looks at the race

Soft Taping, an interesting idea

I guess Nolan's 14 was not enough: Andrew Hamilton Sets Two (More) FKTs on Nolans 14

Are American runners getting slower as this study says?

Dathan Ritzenhein joins Hanson-Brooks

Another race I remember from way back, but never ran, celebrated its 40th anniversary,  Silas Kipruto won the Boilermaker 15k this past weekend

Toni Reavis writes on a Kipchoge World Record Marathon Attempt at the 2017 Berlin Marathon Sept. 24th

Interview with David Bedford Part 1 & Part 2 - If you have been running as long, or longer than I his name should ring a bell.

There will be live coverage of the Hardrock 100 at iRunFar site

Every have problems getting in a long run, here are some ideas on how to modify your run to help

As these are both issues I have had to deal with I thought this may be helpful: Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica.  I can tell you for me finding a physical therapist that did Active Release Technique (ART) worked for me.  As an aside my PT was not on the ART list but still was trained in it but just did not pay to be on the list so just ask if they do this.

Thinking of running an ultra here is some advice and myths

Podcast with Magdalena Boulet: How to Run the Race You Know You are in Shape For

Do you travel much, here are 10 Tips for Running on a Business Trip

Drymax Socks
Mark Cucuzzella of the Natural Running Center talks to Camille Herron about running and her Comrades win.  Also, here is Mark's report on his Comrades run in 2013

Want to say thanks to US Skyrunning and Drymax Socks for the 2 pair of socks I won on a the US Skyrunning Twitter giveaway

Masters Running News
How would you like to run in the 40-44 age group at the Peachtree 10K on July 4th where Bernard Legat (43) gets 5th over all in 28:42 and Abdi Abdirahman (40) gets 6th in 28:54.  I realize they run in the open race but still!  The official winner of the 40-44 age group ran 34:19.

Some good thoughts on Recovery and the Aging Athlete

The USATF Masters Outdoor Championships are this weekend (July 13-16) in Baton Rouge LA

Races this Coming Week
Vol State 500K, TN - Starts July 13, 2017
USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, Baton Rouge, LA - July 13-16, 2017
Hardrock 100, Silverton, CO - July 14-16, 2017
Eiger Ultra Trail, Grindelwald, Switzerland , July 15-16, 2017
Diamond League, Rebat, Morocco -  July 16, 2017
Barr Trail Mtn Race, Manitou Springs, CO, July 16, 207
Royal Ultra SkyMarathon Grand Paradiso, Ceresole Reale, Italy - July 16, 2017

Past Weekend Race Results
Honey Badger 100 Mile Ultra Road Race, Cheney State Park, KS - July 8, 2017
Mt. Hood 50  Pacific Crest Trail, Clackamas Ranger Station, OR   - July 8-9, 2017
London Diamond League, London, UK - July 9, 2017
Badwater 135, Death Valley, CA - July 10-12, 2017

This weeks Mountain Outhouse (added late)

MIUT 2017 Race Highlight

Bryce Canyon Ultras

Trentapassi SkyRace Vertical Race 2017

Always like it when the Ultra-Trail World Tour updates come out, here is Episode 3's Pre-Hardrock 100 Interview with Kilian Jornet

Eiger Ultra Trail 2016

Trofeo Kima, Skyrunning Extreme Series 2016