Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekly RunDown #26

“There are no shortcuts. Be patient and look long-term. It's a foolish idea that if you do a little more, faster, then you'll get better than the rest. It ignores the fact that you must train at your optimal level, not your maximum level. Consistency is the secret to improvement and success. You have to keep training when others lose interest.”
Robert de Castella
Derek Ibbotson

Unless you are a Track & Field geek as I am you may not of heard of him but former mile world record holder Derek Ibbotson died last Thursday (Feb 23, 2017) at 84.

USA Track & Field - Weekend Roundup, Feb 27, 2017's This Week In Running February 27, 2017

The latest article from 33Shake on Nutrition of Marathon Training, unless you know the people at 33Shake it is probably not what you are expecting.  Other good links in the article to follow.

Having run with a few Kenyans in my 44+ years of running one thing I always noticed was on easy days they went easy, often even easy for me, and not just a relative easy.  In this article the author talks about how on easy days you need to go easy to go fast when you need to:  Secret to Running a Faster Marathon?  Slow Down

Great interview with Barry Magee, bronze medalist in the 1960 Olympics from New Zealand, regarding Arthur Lydiard who coached him.  Interesting in being asked about core principles (at about 54;33) of successful training he says "you don't expect perhaps success for 3 years" even went on to say may take 10 years for some.  Sure that would not fly well today but is a great truth - success takes time - lasting success that is.

Some advise for those of us older runners:  Wise Tips From Masters Runners on Staying Fit and Injury-Free

Phil Maffetone talks about diets: Why One-Size-Fits-All Diets Don't Work Interview with Jim Walmsley - you might want to sign up for the UltraRunner Newsletter to get daily News

While I am not sure the author fully understands Keto this is a good article on Burning Fat as Fuel - Part 1 - I will link to Part II when it comes out.

Also, check out the Spike-Free Living Free Blog for some good articles on training and nutrition.  If you are looking for a bar to eat on the run give SFuels a try as part of your nutrition on the run especially if you are working on Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) as they are a low carb bar

Here is a look at the Leadville 100 which is coming up August 19th, 2017.  Will Rivera the owner of Running Soles in Elizabethtown KY is entered for this years running and is running with Team New Balance - looking forward to following him in the race.

Trying to get a Golden Ticket to Western States was no easy task this year at the Black Canyon 100K

Transgrancanaria 2017 was this past weekend, results, looks like a cool race

2017 Last One Standing - Castle Ward in the UK -  Complete a 4.2 mile loop in an hour and then repeat till only one is left.  In 2017 after 100 Miles/24 hours 18 people left.  2 people made it 35 laps but on lap 36 they did not finish so there was no winner.

99 Year old Upsets 92 Year Old in 60 Meter race

Peter Snell mini-documentary

Orobie Ultra-Trail 2017 - Italy

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