Friday, January 26, 2018

Weekly RunDown #72

Kip Keino
"This life we have is short, so let us leave a mark for people to remember."
Kip Keino

In honor of Kip Keino's birthday last week (Born January 17, 1940) here is an article on him

Runner interviews done this week: Will Rivera and Crystal Clark

Where do you shop for your running gear?  Realizing it is hard at times to turn down that greatly discounted older model item the place to go is your local store.  As this article shares, it is not just about selling wares but about so much more - including training groups and holding and supporting local races.  We have such shops in Elizabethtown KY, Running Soles, as well as Lexington KY, John's Run/Walk Shop, and Nashville TN, Nashville Running Company.  So get out and support your local running stores and if you have to at times pick up that "smoking deal" that's OK as we all only have so much cash but always remember where your main go to place of business should be and take that savings and funnel it back into your local store.

Wow, 7 guys go under 2:05 and 4 women go under 2:20 at the Dubai Marathon - how about running 2:04:15 and only getting 6th.   The difference between first and 6th was 15 seconds with first winning $200,000 and 6th getting $12,000

What's ahead for Athletics, Track and Field for those this side of the pond, fans in 2018

Mario Mendoza on his run at Bandera 100k

Mary Keitany has stated she is going for the ambitious goal of breaking Paula Radcliffe's women's marathon record at April's London Marathon's This Week in Running: January 22, 2018

HS sophomore Katelyn Tuohy runs 15:37.12 to set the HS record for the indoor 5K.  See video below

With Kenenisa Bekele added to the London Marathon field, lets hope his ready for a good race.

Preview of the Vibram Hong Kong 100k

Mario Fraioli's Morning Shakeout podcast with Des Linden.  Speaking of Mario you might want to check out his Morning Shakeout and sign up for it so it get's delivered to you every Tuesday

If you want to check out's Live coverage of the Vibram Hong Kong 100K it starts at 5PM MST Friday (Jan 26, 2018)

A list of the 9 Best Ultramarathon Shoes - I can think of others and there are no Altra's but this may be due to the list coming from the UK - What would you add

Dibaba to run the 2018 London Marathon

In looking for ways to make X-Country more marketable there were calls for it to be more "extreme and edgier."  Not sure what that exactly means but often the courses for big races now are nothing more than groomed grass tracks with a few rollers and some hay bales that hardly need to be jumped over.

How does running affect you as it has been shown to help to deal with depression and anxiety.

An interview with American record holder in the mile, Alan Webb, on the Final Surge Podcast.  Alan talks about a number of things including his truck repair business and the new coaching venture at .   Here is a short article on the RunDoyen project

5 Hill Climbs you might want to add to your list of races to run

Toni Reavis asks "Who were they, these forgotten men of history, men who were born before their time arrived?"

As a reminder if you need something to listen to while on the Treadmill or Bike Trainer here is my listing of Podcasts as well as some specific episodes, there have been a number of additions since I initially published this post: Podcasts and More Podcasts

It's never too late to start running - you just have to start

Good article by Golden Harper, founder of Altra, on Plantar Fasciosis (Fasciitis)

Masters Running News
Mentioned last week that Steve Spence (55) ran his 43rd consecutive year with a sub 5:00 Mile - See video below

Interview with local KY and Masters runner, running store owner and Ultra Runner Will Rivera as well as Crystal Clark from just across the KY border in the Cincinnati area

Some thoughts on training as you age, I know the hard one for me is the cross training as I am so ingrained with milage that my brain just tends to overlook, say, riding but I should not - it counts.

Races this Coming Week
Vibram Hong Kong 100k, Hong Kong, China - January 27, 2018
AZT Oracle Rumble, Oracle, AZ - January 27, 2018
Mountain Mist 50K, Huntsville, AL - January 27, 2018
Folsom Lake Sweet Water Trail, Folsom, CA - January 27, 2018
Arrowhead 135,  International Falls, MN -  January 29, 2018

Past Weekend Race Results
Coldwater Rumble Trail Runs, Goodyear, AZ - January 20, 2018
FASTtrack 24 Hour, Palatka, FL - January 20, 2018
Avalon Benefit 50K & 50M, Avalon, CA - January 20, 2018
Clearwater Distance Classic, Clearwater, FL - January 21, 2018

 Kip Keino and Jim Ryan - 1968 Olympic 1500m

Kip Keino win in 1972 Olympic Steeplechase

Katelyn Tuohy's 15:37.12 National Indoors Girls 5K record

Steve Spence running his 43rd straight sub 5:00 mile

2017 Vibram Hong Kong 100k

Everyone knows about the 170KM UTMB race but there are other length races run at the same time with the 121 TDS being one of them

From the 2014 Arrowhead 135

2015 Laugavegur Ultra - in Iceland

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