Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Interview Tuesday: Meet Kentucky and Masters Runner Lucy Gleason

Lucy and Gordon Turner
Initially for this year I was going to only post an interview every other week but as I have been getting a few in and like to post them close to when I get them there will be . few extras in the next few weeks.  Thus, this week for Interview Tuesday I talk to Lucy Gleason of Wayne County Kentucky.  Gordon Turner led me to talk to Lucy as he shared how at 83, turns 84 next month, she is still out running in her neighborhood.  Enjoy and be encouraged by this interview with Lucy.

Tell us a little about yourself not necessarily related to running: age, where born, education, area you live in, etc…..
I was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1935 and have a BS from the  University of Tennessee and a Masters from Spalding University in Kentucky.  Having lived in Tennessee, Kentucky, New York State, Indiana my current residence is in Wayne County KY near Lake Cumberland.

What is/was your profession?
A teacher - 4th and 5th grades, special education and Community College

How did you start running and what prompted you to do so? 
Following surgery at age 49 the advice from the doctor was that the quickest way to recovery was to walk!  Walking sounded boring to me, as both my son and daughter were runners in High School and son in college prompted me to run.  The advice from my son: "Mom, get some running shoes and, mom, spend some $$'s!"  -  I did!

How long have you been running?
35 years - 6 days a week and I still buy good shoes from Swags in Louisville, KY!

Did you participate in any other sports over the years?
Cheerleading, basketball and hiking - now I coach the Wayne County Special Olympic track and field team.

If you started running later in life this may not apply but did you run in grade school, High School or College?

So we get an idea of where you have been with running can you share your PR’s for any distance you may have run. 
PR's from years ago
  • Marathon - 4:14 (1995)
  • 10K - 49:38
  • 4M - 34:13
I understand you run mostly in your neighborhood and do not race -  is there a reason for that or is it just what you like to do?
The reason is I know my neighborhood, neighbors, traffic (dead end road to lake), dogs (friendly), delivery drivers (UPS) and postman that are all friends.

Do you have a favorite run you do?
5M - 5K in Wayne County

What is your most memorable race or races you have done and share a little about at least one of them?
Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, it is very hilly and well managed.  Ran with my daughter who cheered me in to win my age group.

When you did run races what was your favorite distance to run and race?
10K's and 8K's as they re just right!

I always like to know what shoes work for people  - So what shoes do you run in and what do you like about them?
The Mizuno Wave Rider for its wide toe box and the Asics Gel Cumulus for its high arch

Is there anywhere you would like to visit to run if you could?
I would like to visit Tacoma Washington as my children and grandchildren live there

What do you struggle with most with regards to running?
When teaching it was in trying to find time to run.  Now the struggle is with the slower pace.  My weekly milage is 20 miles with Sundays off.  When in my 50's/60's I ran 35-40 a week.

What do you enjoy most about running and why do you run when many your age do very little?
Being outdoors (run all year) and meeting other people.  It is a good time to reflect, think, pray and enjoy the beautiful country.  It also keeps my body healthy as well as my mind.

Do you see any trends in running?
Hopefully, running is popular for all ages from young to old.

If you had one, well maybe two or three, things to say those that are running to encourage them what would it be?
  • Just do it!
  • Use it (the body) or lose it
  • Keep a log - I have been doing so since 1987
Any closing comments?
On my last physical checkup - at age 83 - my doctor looked me in the face - pointed his finger - and said - "Lucy I just want to tell you one thing" (oh no I thought) "DON'T STOP RUNNING!"

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