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Weekly RunDown #120

“Motivation is crap. Motivation comes and goes. When you’re driven, whatever is in front of you will get destroyed.”
David Goggins

The motivation Goggins' speaks of is that outside ra-ra type as here he talks about motivation as more of a kindling on a fire but purpose and drive keeps one going

An article dealing with the subject of "Motivation" - and how action can drive motivation and not the other way around

Steve Speirs, who I interviewed here,  gives his impression on the new Topo Ultraventure and also gives a recap of his season - a good one at that

It's that time of year for lists and here is one with the top 20 inspirational Ultra Runners of the year

If you run and ride how do they work together for you.  For sure if you want to do both you need to realize there is cross over but also specificity.  Bottom line if you are good at one sport or the other do not think you will automatically be good at the other.

A look at 27 time national champion and 1932 Olympic Steeplechase Silver medalist - Joe McCluskey's This Week in Running: Dec 31, 2018

Article on Camille Herron on BBC Sport - wish they would not use headlines that make it sound like it was the tacos and beer that got her the record.  She may have eaten that stuff, but it was her training that got her the record.

Speaking of Camille, here is an interview she did on the British Ultra Running Podcast

Outside Online makes some 2019 marathon predictions

Want to run an Ultra at the Injinji blog they have some suggestions on how to get started

One runners look at their run at the 2018 Tunnel Hill 100

Not sure you would call all of them mind-blowing but here are 18 moments from 2018

While still a great run Gene Dykes record marathon run ends up not being a record due to a technicality as the race was USATF certified but not sanctioning.  Still a great run and am sure he will get it.

A look at the Sugarholic/Carboholic Hit - it is real and why eating sugar and carbs in excess triggers eating more of them

Citius Mag provides an argument for Des Linden being their athlete of the year with Eliud Kipchoge being their male athlete of the year

Phil's 5 favorite articles of the year

Jeff Browning talks about being LCHF - as an aside since he is fat adapted he train low (low carb) and race higher (higher carbs) as he speaks to in this article

Local KY Ultra runner and running store owner, Running Soles, Will Rivera looks back at 2018

18 year old runs the world's fastest 10k @ 26:41 but will not count as a record as course is downhill - see video below.  Brigid Kosgei also ran at record pace with a 29:54's look at those that have run 100 or more 100 Milers

Derek Clayton, former marathon world record holder back in 1969 (2:08:34)  thinks the 2hr mark will be broken in 2030 but no earlier than 2025.

Masters News
Gene Dykes marathon record ends up not counting due to a technicality but pretty sure he will get it and in listening to him it will be sooner than later.

USATF Masters Newsletter

Local, to Kentucky, Races and Events
(If you have a race in the area, including surrounding states, let me know and I will post about it)

Running groups are a great way to get to know people but also a great way to help you progress and get out and run.  If you are in the Elizabethtown KY area check out the Running Soles Group and if you are closer to Campbellsville check out the Campbellsville Running  Club.  Have another local running group in KY let me know and I will list it.

Check out these Race Companies for local races: Good Times Even Services & Central Kentucky Race Management.  For trail and Ultra races in Kentucky and Virginia check out Next Opportunity Events

If you want a shorter trail race there is the Turkey Run Trail Bash 5 Miler in Louisville, KY on January 19, 2018

Want to run something different and short - most will get a PR since most have not run a 3k - then run the Warriors 3K Sprint March 2, 2019 in Somerset KY

Run the Kentucky Derby Festival 1/2 Marathon or Marathon April 27, 2019 - got my BQ there for 2016 and looking to get it for 2020

If you are in the Somerset KY area June 1, 2019 think about running the Over My Head 5KAll Proceeds will go to support Over My Head Somerset. The Local Homeless shelter in Somerset & Pulaski County - Consider making an extra donation.

Looking for other races around the world, here is where I get most of the ones I list: ahotuMarathons (covers the world), American Trail Running Assoc.  (Mostly US but does have other races on the list),  Running  in the USA & Trail Runner Magazine

Races this Coming Week
Bandera 100k, Bandera, TX - Jan 5-6, 2019
Croom Zoom Trail Race, Brooksville, FL - Jan 5, 2019
Harbison Trail Race, Columbia, SC - Jan 5, 2019
San Tan Scramble, Queen Creek, AZ - Jan 5, 2019

Past Weekend Race Results
Charleston 100, Charleston County, SC - Dec 28-29, 2018
Last Chance Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, Bellingham, WA - December 31, 2018
The River Loop 24/12/6 Hour Races & Relay, Mills River, NC - Dec 31 - Jan 1, 2019
Hardmoors 30, Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire, UK - Jan 1, 2019
Texas Marathon, Kingwood, TX - Jan 1, 2019
Across the Years, Glendale, AZ - Dec 28, 2018 - Jan 3, 2019

Billy Yang's look at the 2018 UTMB as he follows Zach Miller

This is what you call a fast 10K and the men's winner is only 18 - Course is not eligible for record as it is downhill

Meanwhile in France there was a European record of 27:25

The RUNdown by the Ridge RUNers
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New Year New Me 2019

I may have posted this before but here is Jamil Coury's look at the 2018 Barkley Marathons

Another good video from 2018 - How to Run a 100 Miles

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