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Training Overview #2 – Week of June 17 thru 23, 2019

View from GMR on Saturday's ride
Time for installment #2 of my training for the next years goals of a Grand Canyon R2R2R this
October then the Boston Marathon in 2020 and about a month later the Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race.  Mixed in with this will be a number of other events used to build for these three main goals.  One event I look to be adding is the 60 Mile Gravel Kentucky State Championships August 10th, one week after I ride the Bourbon and Bluegrass Century in Owensboro Kentucky.  I am not expecting much but will use it to get more used to gravel riding as I am sure if there are any technical sections it should be entertaining to see me attempt them.  That said it is all part of learning a new skill.  The Gravel Championship being one week after a century will add a level of difficulty but Dirty Kanza will be difficult so it will be a good test.  This week I did my second 100+ miler in 8 days and while tired it went pretty well.  I am not ready to do 200 miles yet but with a year to get ready things are heading the right direction.  Also, having done a good paced 4 miler this week riding and running seem to be going together well.

You may also notice in my training that I do a number of days with two runs.  For me this works well to get miles in my legs and save my feet.  I used to do this back in the day when I did 100 mile weeks and this is really no difference except the runs are shorter than back then – oh and slower☺  The main difficulty is the time it takes as you have to get ready twice & shower twice but when I can fit it in it is works well.  The other issue is when I am in So. Cal for work, as I am now, the early morning run is very early, 4AM or so, while when back in Kentucky working remotely I can schedule things so that I run a little later.

Saturdays Ride

The goal for this week was to run 25 miles and do two rides with Sundays long ride to be 100+ with a bunch of vertical – goal reached.  I usually only do a long ride like this one, no more than twice a month, usually once  a month, with a week or two between but decided to ride them a week apart which gave me 256.6 miles riding in 8 days which included two long rides.  I did not feel the previous weeks ride, maybe that was because all I could focus on was the climbing at hand.  The long ride this week had 12220FT+ of climbing with about 7100FT in the first 35 miles and then about 2400FT of climbing between mile 76 and 85, so late in the ride.  Felt it some on the last long climb so took it easy as still had just under 40 miles to go from the bottom of the climb.  Ride went well and while still not ready for 200 miles sitting in the saddle for 8:30 was good training.  I also rode on Wednesday and in this ride did 3 X 6miles on a segment I normally ride and got my best times getting progressively faster on each time around.  These were not all out efforts but were tempo sections so lots of room to go faster.

Saturday's Ride

Relive 'Lots of Miles + Lots of Vert = Good Ride'

As far as running it was a pretty basic week with 3 days of  running with 2 of those  be days with two runs each.  On Thursday’s second run the plan was just to relax and run 4 miles at what felt comfortable and since the run is basically 2 miles out uphill then back downhill the run back was quicker than normal.  While by no means super fast the main take away was it felt relaxed, and foot did not hurt too much.

My back is getting better but takes time to warm up so at least it is heading in the right direction.  The issue with my right foot navicular/posterior tibial issue is getting better but still can get sore and the two a-day runs seems to help.  I am looking forward to getting back home in early  July so I can get some more dry needling s it seemed to really help.

Diet Notes:
Another view from Saturdays ride

I think this was a week where my carb numbers were probably higher than my usual 100-150 grams/day  but still lower than I every used to eat.  The good thing is that once you work to get fat adapted while not wanting to just go back to how I used to eat having an off week has less affect.

For this weeks long ride, knowing I would be out there longer and with all the climbing, I wanted to have a little more intake of carbs so preloaded a little different than the week before and took in a few more carbs on the ride.  That said for an 8:30 ride (moving time as I was out there 9:00 with stops to refill water and such) my carb/calorie intake was not very high.  I do think it needs to go up some as when I go to ride 200 miles, as I will do at the DK200, I have to make sure I do not get depleted as it is hard to come back from.  This is the hard thing to figure out for me as I can get away with limited intake on 4-8 hours but 14-16 hours is a different story so much work to be done here.  Below is how I fueled for this week’s ride before and during

Pre-Long Ride Fueling:
  • Modified Bullet  Proof Coffee  (MBPC) – Coffee, Butter, Coconut Oil, Collagen, Raw Egg, Heavy Cream and Chocolate Primal Fuel
  • One 20oz bottle of water with 2 scoops SFuels, 3 scoops UCAN Orange and one Vesap Concentrate
  • 1 Small cup of Oatmeal with butter, heavy cream and blueberries
Long Ride Fueling;
  • 3 – 20oz Bottles of water with 2 scoops each of SFuels
  • 2 – 20oz Bottles  of just water
  • 1 – 20oz bottle of Maurten Drink
  • 1 – UCAN Coffee Energy Bar – nibbled on this for the whole ride
  • 1 -  Vespa at 90 miles  - actually meant to take it at 60-70 miles but forgot
  • 6 – S!Caps – 2each at 2, 4 and 6 hours
  • 1 Maurten Gel – Took it at mile 70 as had a 10 mile climb coming at mile 76
Overview of Weeks Runs and Rides:
  • Running Miles –  26
  • Riding Miles –  149.5
  • Total Time – 14:27
It was a good week of riding and running.  For next week the goal is 40 miles with 2 rides of 30-40 miles each.  For the runs there will probably be at least two days with two runs each and then I have planned a long run of 15+miles for the weekend.  I want the runs this week to be easy since I will be putting more miles in and do not need speed for the R2R2R and will work for more speed later in the year or when I have a race.  With regards to the rides I will, as usual, put in a few tempo sections but the main goal is just to get miles in the saddle and in my legs.

As usual if you have any questions let me now in the comments.

Last Week's Overview #1

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