Monday, January 6, 2020

Training Overview #29 – Getting Back At it - Week of Dec 23, 2019 thru Jan 5, 2020

Running Thoughts:
I need to think about my training plan over the nest 3 months as I get ready for Boston and also for some gravel bike races in May but for now want to think about the best way to get my foot better but still be ready for racing.  To do this I am going to probably stay with mostly shorter runs and use longer bike races for my endurance work.  In doing this I will have a number of two-a-day runs but again keeping them at 5 miles, 6 at the longest.  I will wait till March to get in some longer runs and even then will only do a few of them and at tempo since I need to use them for muscle memory rather than simply endurance work on my feet.

Also, in this will be some continual work on my feet and ankles among other things.  I need to be more intentional in this area as often it is the first area to get overlooked with me.

More on this all next week.

Week’s Running Overview:
Jan 1, 2020 - Pulaski County Park Trail Group
For my first run back I ran with a great group of guys on a trail run at Pulaski County Park. This is a great place to run as the trails are not particularly hard but do give one a good workout as well as test out ones ankles and feet with the rocks and roots that at this time of year are often hidden under leaves.  What I did learn from this run is my foot is not ready for trails and to preserve it for Boston I am going to need to stick to roads and at most level dirt paths.  Also, this will impact my running for the month of January as I need some more rest for it but an active rest so will run some miles on it but keep the runs shorter.

I had planned on riding a hundred miler on the 2nd but due to weather I rode the trainer and in the world of Zwift and only went 75 due to starting late and some technical difficulties.  While my OCD made me regret not doing one more lap on Zwift to get a 100 I do know the 75 was what was good for this ride and by the way was the longest I have ever gone indoors – Zwift sure makes it more bearable as not sure I was ready for that long a ride indoors without the interaction Zwift provides.

To finish out the week I ran a very wet and cool run out in Gatlinburg where I was with family for the weekend.  It was nice to run the path from town out to the visitors center and back and the run bore out this was the level of trail I can run at most.  While my foot was sore when done it was much better than after the trail run on the 1st and a large part of it was residual from the trail run on the 1st and the 3.5 hour drive to Gatlinburg the day before.  As long as I relax things it feels much better but takes a lot concentration so need to work more on that.

Overview of Weeks Runs and Rides:
- Dec 23 thru Dec 31, 2019 - Rest
- Wednesday: Run – 8.1 Miles
- Thursday:  Ride – 75.2 Miles
- Friday: Walking - 3 Miles
- Saturday:  Run – 6.1 Miles
- Sunday:  Rest Day

- Running Miles –   17.2  Miles
- Riding Miles – 75.2 Miles
- Total Time – 6:45 Hours

Weekly Diet Notes;
Nothing really to report this week

Conclusions and the Week Ahead:
For next week the goal is 15-20 miles running with runs of no longer than 5-6 miles.  As far as riding I want to get in from 100-150 miles – sort of depends on work schedule and weather.

As always if you have questions let me know in the comments below.

Last Week's Overview #28

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