Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Interview Tuesday: Meet Kentucky and Masters Runner: Tom Bowden

While the interviews up to now have been with distance runners today's interview is with Masters athlete Tom Bowden of London Kentucky who races competitively as a 75 year old master in shorter events.  Recently  WKYT did a piece on Mr. Bowden where they also have a video. 

Tell us a little about yourself not necessarily related to running: age, where born, education, area you live in, etc…..
I am 75 years old, born and raised in Fulton, KY and have lived in London, KY. Since 1998.

What is your profession?
I am a retired Physical Therapist, I still work PRN and am a Personal Trainer at Powerhouse Gym, London KY.

How did you start running and what prompted you to do so?   As you ran the 200M at the USATF Masters Indoor Championships have you always been a sprinter?
I started running in High School, also during College and  as a 55+ master at various events. Once I turned 70, I took on Sprints.

How long have you been running?
Since I was in High School.

Did you participate in any other sports over the years?
Road racing, bicycling, BMX, Racquetball, and Power lifting where I broke the American record in the deadlift, in my age group.

Did you run in grade school, High School or College? If so where?
I went to High School in Fulton, KY. And College at Oklahoma Baptist University where I was All American and Inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

So we get an idea of where you have been with running can you share your PR’s.   As I know you run as a master and thus PR’s are sort of age related maybe share your age for the PRs
Presently indoor, ranked 2nd in the world at  400m and ranked 3rd in the world at -200m.

What is your most memorable race or races and share a little about at least one of them?
I came in 2nd place in the 880 yds by 1/10 of a second to my team mate in the nationals.

What is your favorite distance to run and race?

Here is a video from the 2018 Masters Men's Exhibition 200m at the recent USATF Championships in Albuquerque, Tom is in lane 2.  Here is an accompanying article on the race where Tom got 2nd.

Do you have any long-range plans?
Run as long as I can and at a competitive level in the masters.

What do you like best about living and running in KY?

What do you struggle with most with regards to running?
Outdoors with the weather and Indoor in  finding a place to train during the winter.

What do you see as a trend in running?  How about in Masters running in general?
We are trying to promote masters running, as well as other masters sports.

If you had one, well maybe two or three, things to say those that are running to encourage them what would it be?
Run and train, within your ability and skills.

Any closing comments?
Get off the couch, and be as active as you’re able to be

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